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IonLoop Office Bracelet Dress Code

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IonLoop Office Bracelet Dress Code

Bracelets have become a very important accessory for today’s business executive. Although formal business attire has morphed into a more casual look “Dress for Success” is still an important element in the formula for success. IonLoop offers a wide variety of accessory options as described below…

  • Business Formal: Also sometimes called "boardroom attire," this is the fanciest and least flexible of professional fashion categories, usually reserved for upper management, accountants, lawyers, and entry-level folks who have a lot of contact with high-level execs. IonLoop’s Double Wrap Leather with negative ion technology is the perfect added accessory that makes a statement. Men’s should wear a suit and tie, and women, a stylish pant suit or a mid-length skirt. Both sexes should tone down anything edgy.
  • Professional Attire: A "professional" dress code means a little more leeway to have fun dressing up, but it's still fairly staid. That means our Red Single Leather bracelet pared with a few colored IonThins will surely pull your out-fit together. Guys need to stick with dress pants and button-down shirts. Sometimes nice sweater of sport coat will work. For women, you want to go with a conservative subtle-colored dress, blouse or sweater, all with at least three-quarter length sleeves.
  • Corporate Casual: Also called "business casual," this is the point at which employees of both sexes can sigh with relief and put their suits away. This means to IonLoop you start stacking your bracelets and wear a one or our Magnet Series bracelets with a few colored IonThins. For women, short-sleeved and sleeveless tops are acceptable. Hemlines can go a few inches above the knee. For men, jackets are totally unnecessary as long as your shirt is tucked in. Khakis are acceptable along with a collared shirt.
  • Casual Offices: This means anything goes so pull out three of your favorite IonLoop’s and add the mag/fusion magnet bracelet. This is a perfect time to add the IonTime Green ion sport watch with magnetic properties. Jeans are perfect for this environment as long as you opt for your classiest pair. Dark wash and no rips. For women, nice classic jeans along with sporty fashionable tops.
  • Creative Offices: Means more fun with your IonLoop stack ‘em up, add our Mag360 necklace along with the Dual Cord negative ions and magnets sport bracelet. Here is where you can get away with worn jeans, vintage dresses and bohemian type styles. Anything goes!

We hope that this little bracelet dress code outline will help you feel more comfortable about wearing bracelets at the office.

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