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Charcoal Carbon Fiber Sport Watch

Carbon Fiber Sport Watch

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  • Carbon Fiber Charcoal Negative Ion + Magnet Sport Watch

    Carbon < Time is America’s only Sport Watch that offers both Negative Ion Technology + Magnets. Carbon Fiber is an amazing material…strong as nails but ultralight! This new man’s sized IonLoop watch has been designed to provide you with the proven benefits of these two technologies. Patent Pending

    User Manual        Watch Size    Sizing Chart    Water Resistance Rating

    Technology:        8 powerful disc’s embedded in stainless steel back case
                                 4 discs - containing 1,100+ Gauss Magnets
                                 4 discs - each provide 500cc negative ions

    Band:             Waterproof silicone strap contains 1,300cc of Negative ions
                                 Strap Width: 23 mm

    Face:                  SUPER LUMINOUS FACE
     Face Size: 50mm 3 hands

    Movement:           Japan Miyota Quartz 2115 Movement - Replaceable Battery

    Case:                     Carbon Fiber
                                 Brushed Stainless steels back-case 
                                 Hardened Crystal
                                 Date Window 
                                 Decorative Bezel

    Closure:               Stainless Buckle

              Guaranteed Certified to 20 ATM...200 meters (Diving Watch)

    Size:                     Unisex

    Colors:                 Charcoal 

    Warranty:            1 Year Warranty



    To Ion Loop company:

    I have to tell you that I have one of your Ion Time Watches and I find it very comfortable to wear. The soft band is easy on my wrist. I use a watch all the time in my business and this watch keeps good time and also looks sharp. I have had people comment on the fact that it is just the right size and not too bulky. The other thing I like about it is the IonLoop feature that keeps me from getting tendinitis in my wrist and elbow. Consequently, I have given my other watches away.

    Thanks Ion Time people, for keeping me on time without pain! Regards,M. Neal, PGA TOUR Rep

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  • Product Video

    • IonLoop at the 2014 PGA Merchandise Show No music
    • Carbon Time Watch Tutorial
      Carbon Time is America’s only Carbon Fiber Sport Watch that of...

    IonLoop at the 2014 PGA Merchandise Show No music

  • Q: How long will the technology found in the Carbon Time watch remain effective?
    A: Under normal conditions IonLoop should maintain its negative-ion + magnet producing properties for the life of the product.

    Q: Where are the magnets and the negative ions located?
    A: There are 8 discs on the back of the watch that are embedded in the stainless steel case. Four discs contain 1000 gauss magnets and four contain 500cc of negative ion power.

    Q: Will I be able to see the watch face in the dark?
    A: Yes, Carbon Time has a Super Luminous face.

    Q: Are there negative ions in the strap?
    A: Yes the strap is manufactured with 1000cc+ of negative ion power.

    Q: Are the Watches Unisex?
    A: Yes…the Carbon Time watch will fit mostly men and some women; the watch has two silicone “belts” which will hold the excess strap on a smaller wrist in place.

    Q: Can I wear the Carbon Time watch with my other IonLoop products?
    A: Absolutely, however more than two IonLoop products at a time is probably not necessary, however it does make a fashion statement. Stacking is cool.

    Q: Will the magnets affect the accuracy of the watch?
    A: No, we have designed the Carbon Time quartz movement so the magnets will not interfere with the functionally of the timepiece.

    Q: Can I swim/shower in my Carbon Time?
    A: Yes; the Carbon Time watch is certified 20 ATM or 200 meters of water, it is considered a diving watch. To maintain the appearance of your Carbon Time you should rinse off your watch after swimming in salt water or after contact with alcohol, cologne, detergents, or sun cream.

    Q: Should I wear Carbon Time on the left wrist or the right wrist?
    A: You can wear the product on either wrist, whichever is more comfortable for you.

    Q: Why does the stem stick out after I set the time and date?
    A: The Carbon Time watch is considered a diving watch so once you set the time and adjust the date you should push/screw in the stem.

    Q: Is there a warranty with Ion Time?
    A: The Carbon Time watch is guaranteed for 1 year against manufacturing defects, and will be repaired by the company. Any damage caused by an accidents or normal wear and tear will not be covered. Batteries and their installation by a professional are the responsibility of the owner.

    Q: Should I be concerned about wearing a magnet/ion product if I have a pacemaker or other medical devices?
    A: Any devices or products that are affected by magnets or magnetic fields should be considered when using the IonLoop or Carbon Time products. If you have any medical devices within your body or medical conditions that you are concerned about, you should consult your physician before wearing the product. You should not wear an Ion Time watch or IonLoop bracelet if you have a pacemaker or are pregnant.

    Do not use this product if you are pregnant, have a pacemaker or any other medical device within your body. Always keep magnet products away from small children and consult a doctor immediately if a magnet is swallowed. IonLoop simply claims to contain negative ion + magnet properties and does not claim a medical benefit to the user.

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    1. Carbon Fiber Sport Watch - A Terrific Watch with Health Benefits

      This watch works great to eliminate the tightness in my raw jaw due to TMJ. I also particularly like the soft band, luminous face, and rugged look. The large diameter of the watch is just right, but I find it slightly thicker than I am used to. Overall, it's a terrific watch, especially for the price.

      Harvey Yee
      Victoria, BC Canada
      on 4/24/2016

    2. Favorite Daily Essential

      Excellent! Very comfortable, easy to wear light, and professional.
      Love the hip fresh look it adds to my daily life schedule.
      on 1/22/2016

    3. negative ion watch band

      It would be fantastic if you produce ion watch band that we can use with our favourite watches. on 12/19/2015

    4. a beautiful watch

      A beautiful watch especially for seniors since it is luminous, you do not have to squirm your eyes to find out what time it is. I believe everybody would love to own one. Maybe the only downside I can think of is that I need a particular watch that lits up when I am asleep in bed during the night. Otherwise, this Carbon Fiber Sport Watch is a beautiful timepiece that I can surely recommend to everyone.. I give this timepiece 5 stars.
      on 10/26/2015

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