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IonLoop Understands Your Coronavirus Concerns

(We have introduced additional cleaning procedures, and are increasing the number of wipes, hand sanitizers, and other cleaning materials available to our shipping employees).

We are taking a moment to reach out to our customers as the coronavirus continues to cause cancellations and closings all over the country. We understand your concerns and have increasingly been asked whether IonLoop negative ion products can help avoid, alleviate, or otherwise support our physical and mental well-being during this coronavirus crisis.

 While we cannot definitively say that negative ions will make an impact, there are third-party sources which have indicated that negative ions might offer benefits against certain viruses and bacteria. Since we are still learning about coronavirus -- from its incubation period, symptoms, and most effective treatment -- we cannot say if or how negative ions will have any effect on this particular virus strain.

 What follows here is an overview of the research published by these third parties. At IonLoop, part of our mission and commitment to our customers involves education. In order to further that mission, please consider the following as our company seizing another opportunity to share knowledge with our customer base.

 Ultimately, you’ll make up your mind whether you believe IonLoop’s negative ion bracelets could prove beneficial to you during this challenging chapter.

Third-Party Claims to Consider

When it comes to understanding how ion technology can possibly help people avoid illness like the flu, we know that some research has demonstrated that negative ions remove airborne pathogens from the air.

 As alternative products flood the market, all claiming to help prevent exposure to coronavirus, research shows that negative ionizers “enables unique possibilities for rapid and simple removal of virus from air.”

 An important clarification to keep in mind is that negative ionizers, which have proven effective in hospital environments, offer the best results in enclosed spaces, like public transportation or open concept offices. In other words, a negative ionizer will not help or treat direct exposure to someone infected with coronavirus if, for instance, that person coughed or sneezed around you.

 In other words, it’s critical to follow official CDC recommendations for proper hand washing, coughing or sneezing into your elbow and taking care to avoid anyone diagnosed with coronavirus; however, if you want to take additional precautions by learning more about negative ion technology and its implications, please visit our website, blog, or shop the IonLoop inventory.





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