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IonLoop  Lava Stone Bracelet contains 4mm sized molten rock beads with 7 colored stones. 
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Lava Color Bracelet

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  • NEW IonLoop Black Lava Color Stone Bracelet ( 4mm)

    Lava Hot…Cool Chakra Colors

    We have added a new Lava stone bracelet in the smaller 4mm bead with 7 decorative color stones just to add a little color. The new Lava Color will be a great companion to the original Lava and may be worn with any of your current IonLoop bracelets.

    The new Lava COLOR bracelet comes from the core of the earth in the form of molten rock that cools to become lava. When thinking of lava stones, it is important to keep in mind that its molten rock origin plays a key role in its holistic qualities. The colored stones are chakra colors which indicates your current physical, emotional, and spiritual state.

    Classic black with nice soothing chakra color accents…you will love it!


    Purple: Amethyst
    Blue: Lapis Lazuli
    Light blue: Blue lace agate
    Green: Green Aventurine
    Yellow: Tiger's eye
    Orange: Carnelian
    Red: Garnet

    • This new bracelet is designed to be worn loose, snug is ok, but tight is counterproductive.
    • Beads are 4mm
    • Easy slip-on stretch construction… no clasp.
    • Available in sizes: Small, Medium, Large





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  • Q. What color are the beads?
    A. The Lava beads are DARK black.

    Q. What size are the lava beads and stones?
    A. 4mm

    Q. What color are the stones?
    Purple: Amethyst
    Blue: Lapis Lazuli
    Light blue: Blue lace agate
    Green: Green Aventurine
    Yellow: Tiger's eye
    Orange: Carnelian
    Red: Garnet

    Q. I feel a “tickle” on my wrist once and a while but when I shake my wrist and the bracelet moves it goes away, what causes that?
    A. As the beads move around on your wrist it rubs against the hair on your arm, after a short time you will become accustomed to it.

    Q. Can I get the Lava Color bracelet wet?
    A. Yes this Lava Color bracelet is very durable and may be worn in any environment from the beach to the office.

    Q. Can anyone wear the Lava Color bracelet?
    A. Yes anyone can wear the Lava Color bracelet.

    Q. How do I clean my bracelet?
    A. Wear it in the shower and use a liquid soap.

    Q. Can I wear this bracelet with an activity tracker?
    A. Absolutely…no problem.

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