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The IonLoop Navy Blue Braided USA Flag Bracelet contains negative ions and magnets.
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Navy Blue Braided USA Flag Bracelet

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  • Navy Blue Braided USA Flag Bracelet

    Congratulations…you are about to purchase the most advanced Negative Ion/Magnet wristband on the market today!

    The IonLoop Navy Blue Braided USA Flag Bracelet's silicone band contains our advanced Ion Regeneration Technology which allows helpful ions to be absorbed into the body. The visible technology of two small but powerful magnets on the Navy Blue USA Flag Bracelet will allow the user to benefit from all the natural effects of magnet therapy while looking good at the same time.

    • 1,500 Gauss Epoxy Coated Magnets
    • Waterproof Soft Silicone Wristband
    • Durable Poly Carbonate
    • Bright Fashion Colors



    I recently purchased a Navy Blue USA flag bracelet and love it. I ordered it on a Saturday and received it on the following Tuesday. Great, prompt service. 'william F. Charleston, SC

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  • Product Video

    • IonLoop Original Magnet Bracelet Video
      Color is happening and our Original Series Bracelets are slee...
    • IonLoop Magnetic Bracelet Sizing and Fit
      IonLoop Negative Ions + Magnetic Bracelets have developed vide...

    IonLoop Original Magnet Bracelet Video

    Color is happening and our Original Series Bracelets are sleek and versatile: Medical grade silicone band infused with negative ion producing minerals 1,500 Gauss Epoxy Coated Magnets inserted into a durable Poly Carbonate case Waterproof and comfortable for everyday use The most advanced ion magnetic bracelet in the market today.
  • Q. Does IonLoop® really work? What’s the hype?
    A. The IonLoop® team has over 9 years of combined experience in ion magnetic technology products. Bottom line, our team has been involved with this category before most other ‘energy type’ bracelets were ever developed.
    In fact, it is because there are so many bracelets that fail to deliver out there that the IonLoop® team decided to take the concept to the highest level possible. Using the best components available and our own proprietary IRT™ technology, we have been able to create a bracelet that exceeds all others!

    Q. What size should I wear? What size am I?
    A. IonLoop® is best worn comfortably around the wrist. There is no need for the ion magnetic bracelet to fit tightly around the wrist or to touch the skin for the wearer to benefit from the ion and magnet technology.
    To better answer any questions about sizing and fitting of your bracelet, the IonLoop Team has created a video. Click here to watch the IonLoop Sizing and Fit Video.
    Measure your wrist with a tape measure to determine the correct size. Extra-Small is 5.9" (16cm); Small is 6.7" (17cm); medium is 7.5" (19cm); large is 8.4" (21cm). Please note that most men wear medium IonLoop®. Large is 'Texas Large'!

    *Please note that extra-small bracelets only come in Jet Black and Pearl White.

    Q. How tight should the bracelet be? Does the bracelet need to touch the skin?
    A. IonLoop® is best worn comfortably around the wrist. There is no need for our ion magnetic bracelet to fit tightly around the wrist or to touch the skin for the wearer to benefit from the ion and magnetic technology.

    Comfort is the key! Please make sure that you do not buy bracelet that is too tight and restricts blood flow. Although the magnets appear to be small they are the highest quality, rare earth magnets available in bracelets today! As long as they are face down against your skin they are working! Our IRT™ technology assures that the negative ions (manufactured directly into the silicone band) are absorbed into your body.

    Q. Which arm should I wear the bracelet on?
    A. You can wear IonLoop ® on either wrist; it’s really up to you, comfort is the key.

    Q. Can I wear an IonLoop® on the same wrist as I wear my watch?
    A. Yes …IonLoop will not affect the operation of modern watches. However if you have an antique watch we recommend that you wear the bracelet on the opposite wrist.

    Q. Can I get my IonLoop® wet?
    A.Yes… IonLoop® may be worn in the shower, swimming, fishing and more… IonLoop's silicone band is waterproof, highly durable and moisture will not affect the technology. Salt water or swimming pool chemicals may cause the magnets to discolor overtime, but this cosmetic change will not diminish the power of the magnets.

    Q. How long will the magnets and ions in IonLoop® remain effective?
    A. IonLoop® magnets never lose their power and, under normal conditions, the IonLoop® silicone band should maintain its negative ion producing properties for many years.

    Q. Do the bracelets stretch out of size over a period of time?
    A. Under normal conditions the silicone bands will not stretch out. IonLoop® bracelets should be worn to fit comfortably and not be too tight, so as to not affect circulation.
    IonLoop® may be worn 24/7. In fact, many wearer report better sleep cycles and more restorative, restful sleep!

    Q. Who should not wear magnetic bracelets?
    A. People with pacemakers and women who are pregnant should not wear magnets of any type.

    Q. How do I clean my IonLoop under the plastic?
    A. We have recommended to other IonLoop customers that they find those plastic toothpicks with the small bristles on one end and then stretch the band tight which will allow you to insert the toothpick and clean. For best results use hot water and dishwashing soap, harsh chemicals such as Clorox, Formula 409, or alcohol might tarnish the clear finish on the plastic.

    Q. Will bug spray harm my IonLoop?
    A. While it will not affect the IonLoop technology we have found that it may tarnish the clear poly-carbonate plastic magnet case.

    Q. Why is there a keep away from children warning on the magnetic ion wristband?
    A. The "keep away from children" warning on IonLoop's magnetic ionic bracelet is because it contains small parts that could potentially be swallowed. We print this on our packaging solely out of concern that a toddler could put the bracelet in their mouth, accidentally get a magnet lose, and then swallow it. Outside of this concern, there is nothing about the technology in our bracelets that works differently when worn by a child as opposed to an adult. In fact, we created our IonThins with kids in mind, which is why they come in extra small!

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    1. Excellent

      Excellent product fits great and good quality. Been purchasing these products for over 10 years on 7/4/2021

    2. Awesome

      Nice looking, comfortable to wear! Both of us are retired Army and we love the patriotic colors. Great customer service. I order several more for friends and other veterans. Highly recommend these bracelets. I and the wife are very happy with all our purchases. on 2/7/2020



    4. Love My Ionloop

      Got my new USA flag loop. This was a replacement for one that was lost. These ionloops look great and I can tell the difference with my hands. Also have two braided ionloops for variety. on 7/7/2019

    5. Happy

      I've worn the Ion Loop bracelets for years. I find that it helps with the occasional pain that I get in my hand. I like the fit of the bracelet, and I decided to upgrade with the flag series. I am very happy with this purchase. on 7/15/2018

    6. Don't leave home without it

      I'm a firm believer in the magnets. I've worn them for 10+ years, and have recommended them to many people who would agree with me. Most people use them for relief from joint pain, stiffness, arthritis, etc.. In my case, I give full credit to the magnets for regular blood pressure and no cholesterol problems, even at 55 yrs. of age.

      This one with the US Flag only double it's value to me; very stylish and great looking.
      on 12/19/2015

    7. Navy flag ion loop

      The bracelet came in the mail the day after I ordered it. WOW! I ordered it for Independence Day but wear it often - it is very patriotic as well as stylish and I get lots of positive comments when I wear it. Love all the unique offerings from IonLoop!!! on 7/13/2015

    8. Better pattern control

      I have worn my first bracelet everyday for the last year. I ordered my second one with the American flag and the pattern was off. The white stripes don't go all the way to the end of the design and frankly I am disappointed. on 6/1/2015

    9. Maximizing Performance

      Neg. ions impact positively the musculature system. I would rec that any athlete wear the IonLoop bracelet to maximize performance & reduce musculature stress. on 7/14/2014

    10. Patriotic Ions

      This bracelet complements my Fourth of July golfing outfits. It is compact and cool. I will wear it with all my Solheim Cup and Holiday outfits. It just makes the difference between a good outfit and a great ensemble. I could feel the benefit the moment I put it on.

      on 4/25/2014

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