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The IonLoop White Ion Necklace
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  • Negative Ion White Necklace with FREE Wheels KIT

    The IonLoop Ion Necklace IS ONE SIZE  and can be customized with hundreds of possible color combinations with the EXCLUISIVE IonLoop °Wheels™ KIT.

    • Maximum negative ion power for optimal results
    • Includes 22 colorful °Wheels™ Kit Free
    • Strong stainless steel clasp – safe and easy to use Waterproof, comfortable, and soft silicone necklace

    ONE SIZE : 18” (Circumference)

    IonLoop® is best worn comfortably around the neck; the larger the size the lower the necklace will hang.

    Pick the colors of your favorite team, school, or your country to root in style.

    *°Wheels™ KIT containing 22 colorful °Wheels™, included free with this item only.

  • Product Video

    • IonLoop Ion Necklace & °Wheels™ kIT
      IonLoop has just launched the long awaited ion necklaces! This...

    IonLoop Ion Necklace & °Wheels™ kIT

    IonLoop has just launched the long awaited ion necklaces! This customizable necklaces contain the highest negative ion levels in the industry and also look great!Please go to for more information.
  • Q. Do IonLoop® Necklaces really work? What’s the hype?
    A. The IonLoop® team has over 9 years of combined experience in ion magnetic technology products. Bottom line, our team has been involved with this category before most other ‘energy type’ bracelets were ever developed.
    In fact, it is because there are so many necklaces that fail to deliver out there that the IonLoop® team decided to take the concept to the highest level possible. Using the best components available and our own proprietary IRT™ technology, we have been able to create a bracelet and necklace that exceeds all others!

    Q. What size should I wear?
    A. IonLoop® is best worn comfortably around the neck.
    ONE SIZE : 18” (Circumference)

    Q. Can I get my IonLoop® Necklace wet?
    A. Yes… IonLoop® Necklaces may be worn in the shower, swimming, fishing and more… IonLoop's silicone band is waterproof, highly durable and moisture will not affect the technology. The metal is stainless steel and is very durable.

    Q. How long will the ions in the Ionloop Necklace remain effective?
    A. The IonLoop® silicone necklace should maintain its negative ion producing properties for at least 2 years.

    Q. Do the Necklaces stretch out of size over a period of time?
    A. Under normal conditions the silicone necklace will not stretch out.

    Q. Can I sleep with my necklace on?
    A. The IonLoop necklace may be worn 24/7, in fact many wearers report better sleep cycles and more restorative restful sleep with Ionloop.

    Q. What is the best way to take the necklace off?
    A. Please take care not to pull the silicone to take off the necklace. The best way is to hold the two metal clasp sides and pull; pulling the silicone will stress the connection.

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    1. I feel a difference

      definitely not as much stiffness in my neck since I began wearing the necklace...wish it came in colors other than just white. on 4/22/2019

    2. Can't believe how much better I feel

      I work on a computer everyday....had a chronic stiff neck....until I started wearing my Ion necklace. I feel so much better. It's also a very stylish piece! I was a bit frustrated trying to put a new loop on today...but stuck with what I had instead. on 10/15/2017

    3. Very nice, but

      This is a very nice necklace and the price is great compared to others. The magnetic clasp is less bulky and makes necklace more stylish. My only wish would be to make them a bit longer to possibly not be as far up on my neck. 1/2-1" would be great. The wheels kit was a nice touch also! on 5/11/2016

    4. Useful Running Jewelry

      I Like the customizeable wheel kit. However, there was only one wheel in several of the colors, making it impossible to have a balanced design unless you had other wheels from a previous order, which I did. I did not use the pretty light blue color that I had not seen before as there was only one and it did not work into my design. I like the look of the necklace in my race photos. (The white shows up better than the black on me.) When the necklace is under a shirt, it stays in place, but when it is not, it tends to move so that the magnetic closure always ends up in front, as it is the heaviest part of the necklace. Even though I am careful opening and closing the magnetic closure, over time, I have had two necklaces break. Ion Loop has replaced them free of charge both times. I saw that they used a different type of closure for a while on the black necklaces. I first though this was better, as it appeared less likely to rip as less force was required to open it. However, it did not hold closed, and I lost my black necklace during the recent BAA 10K.

      I think there is a difference when I wear it vs when I do not, so in that sense at least, it works for me. I withheld the 5th star due to the clasp issue and the fact that it rolls around while running.
      on 7/6/2015

    5. super duper

      love it... got a bracelot, too... been feelin pretty good on 2/10/2013

  • Other Details

    Don't Forget: Customize your ion necklace with the °Wheels™ Kit!
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