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About IonLoop

Founders Comments


IonLoop IS Bob and Melissa Gotfredson. It is our dream, our vision…and it is our brainchild. We founded this company in 2009, in the midst of a dire depression. Foolish? Well, as it turns out, no. It was the exact right time to bring our vision to the public.

Our company was born in the midst of a gruesome recession. We had very little money, only one confirmed customer and a belief that we could make it happen. Nine years later, thanks to you, we are making it happen…

Good looking and smart; that was our vision for IonLoop. To be honest it was really kind of a foggy vision. But we found some cool engineers to help us clear the fog and develop a high technology magnet + negative ion bracelet. They proposed some amazing materials that would provide a stylish way for folks to enjoy all the benefits of magnets + negative ions. After many design changes and a few design failures (foggy vision originally produced foggy plastic!), it became very clear that we had something special. Thank would be our Original Magnet Series Bracelets.

Both of us have spent lots of time in the sun both on the beach and on the links and have firsthand knowledge of how the sun does a number on you. Because of our experience at another ionic + magnet bracelet company, we were well aware that positive ions from computers and cellphones are just as harmful as UV rays. Since you can’t buy negative ion juice at Starbucks, the IonLoop bracelet is the perfect answer. Most everyone knows about magnets (and if you don’t, our web guys have lots of info in the technology section on the site), but the bottom line, and what you need to know is, they work.

As we got our company up and running, we began to see athletes wearing our bracelets on the PGA Tour, at the Olympics, in Grand Slam tennis events, and bar association league softball teams. (Let us know if you spot anyone famous wearing Ionloop on TMZ and we may add them to our list!)

But no matter what famous guy or girl shows up in our bracelets, we know that it is our loyal followers who have kept us going. We owe these true believers everything.

We’ve come a long way since foggy plastics. In fact, I think you’ll find that we have the largest selection of this type of product in the US. But that wasn’t quite enough for us…

Early in 2014, we introduced the new IonLoop watch – and we can barely keep them on the shelves! Yep, same magnets + negative ions as the bracelets… and they tell time! How does that work? Magnets in a watch?For now (you’ve heard the words patent pending!), you’ll just have to take our word for it. Or ask one of the very happy customers who’s wearing one!

From 2014 to now we have introduced at least 2 dozen new bracelets and we are not going to stop there. Watch for more new products in 2023.
So that’s our story… or as Google likes to say About Us.

Bob Gotfredson
Owner, Founder, Wearer of IonLoop®


Our product(s) are created to be a perfect combination of function and fashion, appealing to both amateur and professional athletes who are always looking for that something extra to enhance performance – but appreciate something that’s also fashionable, “cool” and innovative.


To engage current customers and potential customers by positioning IonLoop bracelets and watches as fun, fashionable and effective and “the” accessory chosen by athletes who want a little something more.


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