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The Benefits of Negative Ions for Health

Do negative ions work? For starters, negative ions aren’t some random new health fad. The benefits of negative ions have long been confirmed in scientific studies before ion products gained popularity. In fact, ions can be found naturally in nature after an atom loses or gains an electrical charge. When an atom has more negative charge than positive, it is known as a negative ion. Negative ions are commonly found around calming areas like beaches and forests whereas positive ions are more associated with harmful pollution. Studies have shown that negative ions have the capability to inhibit harmful bacteria and purify the air. They are even used in hospitals and chicken farms to reduce pollutants.

How Can Negative Ions Help Create a Positive Effect on Humans?

Can negative ions improve your health? Air purification and bacteria reduction aren’t the only negative ion benefits. Ions are small enough to be absorbed through the lungs or skin and because of this they have a biological effect on the human body. Studies have found that negative ions can increase serotonin, the “feel-good” hormone in humans. On the other hand, positive ions may worsen anxiety and disease. Unfortunately, our congested city lifestyle promotes the formation of positive ions, which may be why there’s such an increase in mental disorders in the 20th century. Negative ions may help improve your mood and fight the unfavorable effects that positive ions have on the human body.

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