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3 Quick Tips to Increase Negative Ions and Pump the Positivity

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3 Quick Tips to Increase Negative Ions and Pump the Positivity

Negative Ions are said to be a great source of positive energy. Today’s post will communicate three things you can do right now to help surround yourself with more negative ions and pump a lot more positivity into your daily life!

Barefoot, benefit.

Getting outdoors is an age-old remedy for feeling better. Take it a step further though – and take those shoes off. Believe it or not – feet are conductors to absorb negative ions, so getting outside and enjoying a nice barefoot walk – whether on the beach or in the back yard, can possibly be restorative. Do more to connect with nature – and there isn’t a better way to start than by getting your feet on the ground!

Keep more negative ions around you at all times by accessorizing

Today – there are more ways to help boost the amount of negative ions around you than ever before. That means it’s easier than ever to feel great! Whether it’s accessories like negative ion wellness bracelets, sport bracelets, watches and necklaces to devices like Ion Air Filters – there’s never been more ways to immerse one’s self in the potential benefits negative ions can provide.

Spend less time on the computer

We love the fact that you read our blog, but it’s well known that computers tend to emit a lot more positive ions and certainly minimize the number of negative ions in the air. In fact, many studies have pointed out that many offices are some of the most negative-ion deficient areas, anywhere. Having too few negative ions around you can possibly impair your health in a number of ways. One of those ways is the increased production of serotonin. Serotonin has been commonly linked to depression. While wearing some accessories may help with offsetting some of these negative effects – simply getting outside, getting back to nature and getting away from your screen can help you feel much, much better.

Sometimes feeling down or not yourself can be as easy as checking the environment you’re living and existing in. Simply getting back to our natural environments and spending more time in them can dramatically influence our joy and vitality. As humans, we’re meant to connect with nature – so out of thanks for the body we’ve been blessed with – do yourself a favor and bring some more negative ions into your life!

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