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A Few IonLoop Fashion Tips for the Fellas

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A Few IonLoop Fashion Tips for the Fellas

With Father’s Day right around the corner, no doubt many of you are scrambling to find the right gift to celebrate your dad or the dad-like figure in your life. Whether he’s a cinch or simply impossible to shop for, IonLoop has an abundance of accessories to celebrate him and his unique style.

Initially designed with athletes in mind, IonLoop products are perfect for men who enjoy all sorts of active lifestyles. He needn’t be a pro on the green or an extreme athlete to benefit from negative ion and magnet technology. Even if you’re dad is more likely to laze in a lawn or beach chair, maybe even just take a breather out on the boat, IonLoop products are waterproof and understated enough for daily wear, wherever.

Research has demonstrated the significant potential of negative ion and magnetic technology to enhance the overall physical, psychological, and emotional well-being of those who wear products charged with negative ions. Maybe you’re dad is retired and isn’t exposed to environments riddled with electronics the way he used to be; in fact, depending on his career, maybe he never suffered from positive ion pollution.

Regardless, no matter our careers or dedicated daily activities, the majority of us are exposed to problematic levels of positive ions, thanks to the popularity and proliferation of cell phones, laptops, and tablets. In other words, we could all use a little negative ion boost to our general well-being.

We all know that fashion is a personal preference. Your dad might be a regular clotheshorse, dressed to the nines, and ever-dapper. Or, his best attire might be that tee-shirt from a prior Father’s Day exchange; you know, the one that proclaims, “#1 Dad.” The good news is, from the fashion sublime to ridiculous, see how an IonLoop men’s bracelet complements your dad’s one-of-a-kind “style.”

For those patriarchs on the cutting-edge of couture, men’s double-wrap bracelets are trending! Of course, there is also an entire collection of bracelets for the more conservative-minded, between IonThicks (create your own 4-PAK from 12 available colors), IonThins (available in 15-PAK); and the Magnet Series, which features a range of colors and customization, along with the Metal Magnet Series. But, for a truly foolproof gift that combines style, practicality, and all the pros of negative ion and magnet technology, we recommend taking a peek at our IonTime Smart Watch series.

Save yourself the hassle and headache of searching store-to-store for the perfect gift. IonLoop is your ideal one-stop shop for celebrating the dad in your life this Father’s Day!

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