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IonLoop Suggests Skipping the Summer Fad Diet

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IonLoop Suggests Skipping the Summer Fad Diet

Summer is coming and so is the pressure to look and feel your best. Sometimes, this means forcing yourself to diet even when you don’t necessarily want to – but it doesn't have to be this way.

Diets are difficult to maintain, especially in the summertime when people are often tempted to break their usual patterns in celebration of family parties and summer fun. They can also result in an unhealthy relationship with food, long-term.

This summer, IonLoop is suggesting that we all ditch the summer fad diets and opt for smarter, more sustainable choices instead.

Building Better Habits with IonLoop

Here are a few suggestions to get you started!

Exercise: Any movement is good movement! It doesn’t have to be lifting weights or an intense cardio session to be considered exercise. Research suggests that even a simple walk has a plethora of benefits, both physical and mental -- from burning calories to improving brain function.

Nutrition: There are so many ways to eat better without going on traditional diets. All you have to do is include more specific things in your diet like whole grains and fruits and veggies, and limit foods that are high in sugars and sodium.

But that's not all you can do…

Negative Ions: Our negative ion bracelet is an innovative tool that seamlessly supports your mental and physical well-being this season and year-round.

But how?

Understanding Ions

For starters, we are surrounded by ions, both negative and positive, and these ions affect us differently. Contrary to what the name suggests, positive ions are bad for us, while negative ions actually have benefits.

IonLoop utilizes the energy from these negative ions to do a number of good things for you, including but not limited to; increasing levels of serotonin, alleviating feelings of depression, and improving daytime energy. Research has actually shown that negative ions can even help relieve symptoms of seasonal depression.

Who Knew Something Negative Could Be So Positive?

Have you ever wondered what causes the smell of that salty, fresh ocean air? What about that rich earthy aroma that permeates the air just after it rains? These smells that we know and love may be associated with the negative ions in the air. Negative ions come from organic materials and have positive effects on our psyche.

IonLoop’s negative ion bracelet contains the mineral tourmaline, which is naturally rich in negative ions, which counteract and balance the harmful effects of the positive ions found all around us, especially from exposure to electronics.

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