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​Give IonLoop this Father’s Day

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Give IonLoop this Father’s Day

For those of you fretting about what to get your dear old dad for Father’s Day, fear not -- we’ve got you covered. IonLoop’s negative ion bracelets are ideal gifts for dads, whatever their style. Think your dad won’t dig jewelry? Our recent blog post, “For the Fashion-Forward Fellas” might prove you wrong.

Defend Dad’s Health and Wellness

Though we think you should celebrate dad every day, Father’s Day is a great reminder and reason to check in with the man who raised you. Whether your dad is the picture of health and just as active in his middle-aged or even his golden years as he was while a young man, IonLoop negative ion bracelets are an ideal accessory for everyone.

From golf pros to amateur athletes, IonLoop negative ion technology can offer a physical and psychological boost to anyone, regardless of athletic ability.

Understanding Ions

No matter where we go, we are always surrounded by ions. While we need negative ions, positive ions are best avoided or, at the very least, counter-balanced. Positive ions are produced all around us -- from the sun’s UV rays to the abundance of electronics in our lives, positive ions have been shown to pose a significant threat to both physical and mental health. Symptoms of positive ion poisoning can be signaled by fatigue, increased inflammation, chronic pain, and depression.

Trust in Tourmaline

Nature has an answer for positive ion’s punch -- tourmaline. Known to produce a wealth of negative ions, tourmaline is a mineral that is infused into IonLoop negative ion bracelets. Granted, negative ions can be found in other natural sources -- from waterfalls to the beach and beyond, but wearing a tourmaline-enriched negative ion bracelet ensures that you always have negative ion protection, anytime, and every place.

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​Soak Up the Sun… Safely!

Before you tee off at your favorite golf course this summer, you better make sure you’ve slathered up with plenty of sunscreen. After all, May 24 was National Sunscreen Day, which means you need to be mindful of how much SPF you’re sporting when you step onto the green and start swinging.Be Smart: Use SunscreenAs the [...]

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For the Fashion-Forward Fellas: IonLoop Technology Bracelets

Although it might not feel like a natural fit to all the fellas out there, men’s fashion has long included accessories. Since we know that most men appreciate items which blend form and function, we’re confident that our expansive line of innovative products, particularly our negative ion and magnet bracelets, are sure to please. Read [...]

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​Why Opt for Non-Magnetic Negative Ion Bracelets

No matter your personal style or aesthetic preference, IonLoop offers an abundance of choices when it comes to negative ion bracelets, both with and without magnets. The case for wearing an IonLoop magnetic accessory centers on claims that negative ions, when paired with magnets, are more powerful at increasing energy, speeding recovery, and kicking symptoms [...]

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April Showers Bring May Flowers… and Allergies!

Spring is a time for showers, flowers, and… sneezes. An estimated 50 million Americans suffer from allergies; in fact, allergies claim the 6th spot for causes of chronic illness. Although so many of us look forward to the spring season, just as many shy away from outdoor activities in an attempt to avoid the pollen-filled air.Skipping springtime [...]

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​Celebrate Earth Day -- Every Day!

This Monday marks Earth Day -- “the world’s largest environmental movement,” targeted at decreasing plastic pollution, combating climate change, and defending endangered species.At IonLoop, we think every day is Earth Day. We design our products to harness some of nature’s greatest resources (hint: negative ions) and make it our mission to educate and communicate with our customers [...]

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Fred Couples 1992 win at Augusta National

“Augusta; I play because I tell myself if I had to crawl around, I would.”                        - Fred Couples 1992 Masters ChampionThe 1992 Masters was quite a show, Fred Couples was the #1 player in the world at that time and was certainly a favorite that [...]

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All in Favor of April’s Showers

April is finally here, and with it comes the traditional spring showers. While all that rain might be frustrating at first, especially when you want to get outside and shake off the winter blues, rain can return some impressive health benefits. All in all, April is an opportunity to embrace a healthier you… rain or [...]

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Why You Should Participate in National Take a Walk in the Park Day

In case you haven’t heard, National Take a Walk in the Park Day is coming up and we’ve got some reasons why you should participate. This Saturday, March 30th, join the movement -- literally! -- and take some steps towards a healthier horizon.Get In Step with Negative Ion TechnologyAt IonLoop, we promote the power of getting [...]

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10 Years Of IonLoop

It makes me a proud Co-Founder of IonLoop as we announce that we have crossed another milestone in the history of our company. On the 22th of this month our company will celebrate 10 years of business. I take this occasion to thank each of you reading this blog for being an essential part of IonLoop’s [...]

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