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Magnetic Bracelet Overview: A Look into Their Mysterious Benefits

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The Advantages of Magnetic Therapy for Health

The use of magnets for healing is not a new concept. For thousands of years, healers and alternative health practitioners have relied on the use of therapeutic magnets for the treatment of numerous degenerative diseases. And while it almost sounds like something out of a science fiction film, studies on the subject have found that our ancestors may have been right all along – magnets do have the potential to affect the human body.

The study in question found that wearing a magnetic bracelet provided relief comparable to non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs for patients suffering from knee and hip arthritis. Given the long list of questionable side effects painkiller drugs have, this research may be the key to a more natural treatment approach for sufferers of joint pain.

But according to current beliefs, magnets can help with more than just pain.

History of Therapeutic Magnets

The earliest references of historic civilizations using magnets for energetic healing can be linked to an ancient Chinese medicine journal published around the year 2000 B.C. In the book, it’s said that the Chinese used magnetic stones to correct health conditions. The book goes on to describe certain energy points and channels on the human body that can become imbalanced or clogged. By applying lodestones, Chinese healers were able to correct negative energy flows and thus heal the disease. 
Because most ancient cultures believed that it was an imbalance in the body’s energy that led to disease, magnetic energy was thought to be the answer to practically all health conditions.

The Chinese weren’t the only ones who were fascinated with magnetic rocks. The Greeks, Egyptians, and Hindus even relied on magnetism for the treatment of disease. It’s even said that Cleopatra, an ancient Egyptian goddess renowned for her beauty, slept with a magnet on her forehead to preserve her youth.

What Can Magnets Be Used For?

In addition to pain, some alternative health practitioners use magnetic therapy for the treatment of depression, inflammation, migraines, and fatigue. It’s also believed they may be beneficial for sport-related injuries, improving circulation, and improving energy.

Advances in Science May Prove Our Ancestors Right

With new scientific protocols and a better understanding of magnetism, researchers are becoming increasingly interested in how magnets might affect the human body. As of currently, it’s well understood that living organisms, including humans, have an active bioelectric magnetic field surround them. What’s not understood is how the use of magnetic wristbands or other therapeutic approaches influence this energetic field.

Despite this, many people across the world continue to practice magnetic therapy using a variety of devices and even with wellness bracelets wore around the wrist.

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