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Do Ion Bracelets Increase Energy Levels?

If you’ve ever stood at the base of a waterfall or in the middle of a dense forest, you probably know how relaxing and rejuvenating these areas can be. But have you ever wondered why we feel so at peace in areas of nature? The effects can be attributed to the significantly high concentration of negative ions found throughout these areas. Unfortunately, negative ions aren’t found in high quantities in homes or congested cities. In fact, positive ions are what you would normally find in populated towns. Positive ions do have an adverse effect on human health. To date, over 5000 studies have been performed on the benefits of negative ions and conversely, the unfavorable effects of positive ions. Because of this, our ionic bands are made using only negative ions.

Ionic Bands: The Benefits of Negative Ions

Ionic bands are the result of decades of scientific testing and formulation to gain the benefits of negative ions in a more accessible form. While it would be nice to enjoy a leisurely stroll throughout a forest or visit a waterfall every day, this isn’t necessarily possible for most of us. Negative ion bracelets may be able to provide many of the same benefits we’d obtain from negative ions found in nature. When it comes to our bracelets, we’ve received a large number of heartfelt testimonials describing benefits such as reduced joint pain and improved athletic performance. 

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