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Find out if a Negative Ion Bracelet is Right for You

Interested in trying out a one ion bracelet but not sure if it’s the right option for you? Here’s just a few of the reasons why people say they choose to buy negative ion wristbands:

• Improved Concentration
• More Energy
• Better Concentration
• Reduced Pain
• Deeper Sleep
• Protection from Toxins

It’s truly an incredible list of benefits that we hear our customers talking about all the time. While we can’t attest to the validity of these claims, we can say there are endless amounts of testimonials from people reporting a better, more positive outlook on life after wearing their bracelet for just a few days.

How Do Energy Wristbands Work Their Magic?

One ion wristbands are believed to work their magic through negative ions, a type of molecule that’s lost a positive charge. Negative ions are small enough to be absorbed through the skin and lungs. In fact, some studies have shown increased blood concentration of negative ions when near a negative ion generating source. These same studies have demonstrated that these ions may have the potential to influence numerous biological processes in our body. When assembling these bracelets, manufacturers use a special negative ion generating mineral that’s carefully encapsulated within the bracelet. That way, you can take the benefits of ion technology with you anywhere you go!

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