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Understanding the Technology Innovating IonLoop Accessories

Discover the Personal and Professional Advantages of IonLoop Accessories
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In order to understand the potential benefits of magnets featured in IonLoop accessories, it’s important to recognize that we are surrounded by magnetic fields. We live on one -- the Earth, and within another -- the atmosphere. Magnetic fields are constantly at work in our lives. Good thing, too, when you consider that human beings depend on magnetic fields for optimal cell regeneration -- a crucial component of physical and mental health. Scientific research demonstrates the likelihood that magnets support the body’s natural healing process, which is why we fortify our IonLoop accessories with ultimate levels of magnetic power.

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negative ion bracelets

Negative Ions

Just as magnetic fields surround us, so do ions -- both negative and positive. Contrary to connotation, negative ions are the good guys while positive ions can be troublemakers. Negative ions, found in nature, help combat the harmful effects of positive ion pollution emitted by electronics like cell phones and laptops. Wearing an IonLoop accessory, rich in negative ions -- thanks to the inclusion of the mineral tourmaline (a negative ion powerhouse) -- helps you balance these two powerful forces and harness the best of that nature has to offer your optimal wellbeing.

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magnet and negative ion bracelets

Negative Ions & Magnets

When it comes to smart accessories that still manage to make a fashionable statement, why not combine the best of both technologies? In this case, IonLoop has created accessories that offer magnetic therapy and negative ion support, resulting in the ultimate win-win for our wearers. Accessing the potential healing benefits of magnets and boosting it with negative ion protection against positive ion pollution, allows you to embrace the advantages of both technologies in a single product. We consider these products the one-two punch in defense of your overall wellbeing.

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