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How Do Magnetic Therapy Bracelets Work?

What is magnetic therapy? Great question! All life in the world has a magnet field. Even our planet has a large magnetic field associated with it. Studies have shown that magnets may hold the potential to influence our own magnetic field in numerous ways. While the scientific research is relatively new, the healing power of magnets is not. Since ancient Egypt, civilizations around the world have used magnets for healing ailments like poison, disease, and so much more. One scientific study even found that magnets can reduce inflammation and promote circulation!

Therapeutic Magnets: Not All Are Equal

Now that history and new scientific studies have established that magnetic therapy may hold the potential to treat certain ailments and improve your everyday life, you might be interested in your very own magnetic healing bracelet. But don’t just go out and buy any old wristband. Low-quality wristbands are little more than stylish jewelry. If you want to reap all the benefits of magnetic bracelets, you’ll need the real deal. At IonLoop, we test the magnetic potential of our bracelets using a gauss meter to ensure each and every one of our wristbands is jam-packed with therapeutic potential.

Treatment with Magnets Continues to Grow in Popularity

 With the recent FDA approval of magnetic treatment for depression, more and more people around the world are turning to magnetic therapy bracelets and other types of magnetic devices. It’s currently believed that these wristbands have the potential to correct imbalances in the body’s electromagnetic field and in turn promote reduced inflammation, increased healing, and more. While researchers aren’t exactly sure how magnets exert their effects, many people are reporting considerable benefits after wearing their therapeutic jewelry for just a few days. 

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