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This Lexi Thompson Wristband Has Everyone Talking About Negative Ions

If you’re a fan of professional golf, you may have seen some of you favorite golfers sporting the iconic IonLoop bracelets on their wrists. One such pro golfer, Lexi Thompson, has been spotted wearing a negative ion bracelet during LPGA Events. Has it helped her improve her performance? You don’t have to be a pro golfer to wear the bracelet Lexi Thompson wears. At IonLoop, we offer a variety of negative ion and magnetic therapy bracelets for personal use. You too can enjoy many of the same benefits of athletic bracelets that PGA and LPGA golfers rely on every day.

Ion Golf Bracelet: Do They Work?

Thousands of professional golfers wear ion wristbands to gain an advantage over the competition. And it’s not just golfers. Athletic bands are worn by people all over the world. While wearing a Lexi Thompson bracelet or magnetic band might not turn you into a pro golfer overnight, sportsmen around the world can attest to the beneficial effects negative ions have had on their game.

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