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Pain Relief Bracelet: Are They Real?

When people search for a bracelet for pain, they typically are looking for wristbands with negative ions or magnets. These types of bracelets are made with negative ion generating minerals or strong magnets. In some cases, bracelets may incorporate both technologies into one, like IonLoop’s magnetic bracelets. So, yes, these bracelets are real. But whether they can reduce pain is up for debate.

 Scientific Studies on Pain Reducing Wristbands

 First, it’s important to understand that negative ion and magnetic therapy are not new ideas. Ever since their discovery thousands of years ago, ancient civilizations around the world have used magnets in many different forms of treatments. Negative ions have been around since the dawn of time but research into their benefits only began within the last hundred years. While magnetic therapy has not received as much attention or research as negative ions, both technologies may have the potential to influence our bodies in a positive way. For example, one study performed in 2004 found that osteoarthritis patients reported pain relief when using these therapy bracelets. And this isn’t the only study. Many other studies have reported negative ions or magnetics as having a beneficial effect.

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