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Negative Ion Treatment: The Benefits of Ionization

Research involving the benefits of negative ions first began in the 1930s. As scientists uncovered more information about ions, the body of evidence showing their potential benefits grew quickly. It wasn’t until the 1970s when salesman took advantage of the potential benefits of negative ion therapy and began selling ionization devices designed to alleviate mental illness. Unfortunately, many prominent figures looked at these devices with skepticism, which ended up putting a damper on the research into negative ions. Today, the interest in negative ions continues to grow as more people around the world begin to purchase products like wristbands or salt lamps.

What Science Says About Negative Ion Benefits

Currently, scientific evidence seems to point to negative ions have a potentially beneficial effect on air quality and the human body. Studies have shown that negative ions appear to be better than placebo in the treatment of depression. Other studies have shown that once absorbed through the skin or lungs, negative ions may be able to increase your serotonin levels, also known as the “feel good” hormone. While there is often a lot of disbelief involved with ionization therapy, it does appear to have a positive biological affect, which is something that warrants further research.

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