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FAQ Bracelets

Q. Does IonLoop® really work? What's the hype?

The IonLoop® team has over 9 years of combined experience in ion magnetic technology products. Bottom line, our team has been involved with this category before most other 'energy type' bracelets were ever developed.

In fact, it is because there are so many bracelets that fail to deliver out there that the IonLoop® team decided to take the concept to the highest level possible. Using the best components available and our own proprietary IRT™ technology, we have been able to create a bracelet that exceeds all others!

Q. What size should I wear? What size am I?

IonLoop® is best worn comfortably around the wrist. There is no need for the ion magnetic bracelet to fit tightly around the wrist or to touch the skin for the wearer to benefit from the ion and magnet technology. To better answer any questions about sizing and fitting of your bracelet, the IonLoop Team has created a video. Watch the IonLoop Sizing and Fit Video here.

To determine your size you can use a tape measure and compare your size with the specific bracelet you are looking at.  Review our Sizing Guide here for your exact fit.  Please note that most men wear medium IonLoop®. Large is 'Texas Large'!

*Please note that extra-small bracelets only come in Jet Black and Pearl White.

Q. How tight should the bracelet be? Does the bracelet need to touch the skin?

A. IonLoop® is best worn comfortably around the wrist. There is no need for our ion magnetic bracelet to fit tightly around the wrist or to touch the skin for the wearer to benefit from the ion and magnetic technology.

Comfort is the key! Please make sure that you do not buy bracelet that is too tight and restricts blood flow. Although the magnets appear to be small they are the highest quality, rare earth magnets available in bracelets today! As long as they are face down against your skin they are working! Our IRT™ technology assures that the negative ions (manufactured directly into the silicone band) are absorbed into your body.

Other Frequently asked questions

  • Q. Have Ionloop negative ion bands been tested for safety?
  • Yes. IonLoop over the years has manufactured bracelets for adidas to be sold in over 25 countries: adidas AG requires that all products be tested for consumer safety. The results conclusively show that the IonLoop negative ion bands and magnets passed a very complex A-01 hazardous material test protocol.These tests have been conducted by TUV Rheinland which is the adidas AG nominated testing company,Click here to read the test.
  • Q. Which arm should I wear the bracelet on?
  • You can wear IonLoop ® on either wrist; it's really up to you, comfort is the key.
  • Q. Can I wear an IonLoop® on the same wrist as I wear my watch?
  • Yes...IonLoop will not affect the operation of modern watches. However if you have an antique watch we recommend that you wear the bracelet on the opposite wrist.
  • Q. Can I get my IonLoop® wet?
  • Yes... IonLoop® may be worn in the shower, swimming, fishing and more... IonLoop's silicone band is waterproof, highly durable and moisture will not affect the technology. Salt water or swimming pool chemicals may cause the magnets to discolor overtime, but this cosmetic change will not diminish the power of the magnets.
  • Q. How long will the magnets and ions in IonLoop® remain effective?
  • IonLoop® magnets never lose their power and, under normal conditions, the IonLoop® silicone band should maintain its negative ion producing properties for many years.
  • Q. Do the bracelets stretch out of size over a period of time?
  • Under normal conditions the silicone bands will not stretch out. IonLoop® bracelets should be worn to fit comfortably and not be too tight, so as to not affect circulation.

    IonLoop® may be worn 24/7. In fact, many wearer report better sleep cycles and more restorative, restful sleep!
  • Q. Who should not wear magnetic bracelets?
  • People with pacemakers and women who are pregnant should not wear magnets of any type.
  • Q. How do I clean my IonLoop under the plastic?
  • We have recommended to other IonLoop customers that they find those plastic toothpicks with the small bristles on one end and then stretch the band tight which will allow you to insert the toothpick and clean. For best results use hot water and dishwashing soap, harsh chemicals such as Clorox, Formula 409, or alcohol might tarnish the clear finish on the plastic.
  • Q. Will bug spray harm my IonLoop?
  • While it will not affect the IonLoop technology we have found that it may tarnish the clear poly-carbonate plastic magnet case.
  • Q. Why is there a keep away from children warning on the magnetic ion wristband?
  • The "keep away from children" warning on IonLoop's magnetic bracelet is because it contains small parts that could potentially be swallowed. We print this on our packaging solely out of concern that a toddler could put the bracelet in their mouth, accidentally get a magnet lose, and then swallow it. 


Do not use this product if you are pregnant, have a pacemaker or any other medical device within your body. Always keep magnet products away from small children and consult a doctor immediately if a magnet is swallowed. IonLoop simply claims to contain negative ion + magnet properties and does not claim a medical benefit to the user.


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