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and the power of nature in every IonLoop

The Effect of Magnets

What are magnets and do they work? To understand effects of magnets, we first want to give you a definition: Magnets are objects or materials that produce a magnetic field. Magnetic fields exist in all areas of life. The Earth is principally one large magnet, which is surrounded by a large magnetic field… the atmosphere.

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Magnets for Health

Even though there’s debate on how magnets affect the body, the positive effects of magnets is indisputable. The cells in the body create electrical charges and magnetic forces. The human body requires magnetic fields for health and healthy regeneration.

The effects of magnets have been studied by a number of researchers and there’s evidence that suggests that magnets may increase activity in the blood flow which in turn would result in a more efficient flow of oxygen and nutrients through the body.

So, while even the most powerful magnets do not have the ability to cure a disease, it is thought that magnets may facilitate the healing process. Many people believe in the beneficial effects of magnets. We at IonLoop® make no medical claims with regards magnetic therapy, we only offer the user a way to experience and judge for themselves the benefits and effects of magnets. People with pacemakers and women who are pregnant should not wear magnets of any type.

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magnet therapy technology

IonLoop® Magnets

IonLoop® magnets are small but powerful! The magnets in each bracelet are specifically positioned to emit the MAXIMUM AMOUNT OF MAGNETIC POWER POSSIBLE. IonLoop® magnets are visible which reminds the wearer that the power of magnetic therapy is at work 24/7.

Alternation Polarity

Each IonLoop bracelet has two magnets which during assembly in the United States are inserted in the clear poly-carbonate case in a north-south orientation. We believe that by alternating the polarity of these small but powerful magnets we may be adding another dimension to the potential stimulus that the magnets may have on the chemistry of the human body.

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magnet therapy technology

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