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The Potential Benefits of Ion Power Wristbands

An ion power bracelet isn’t just for people who play sports or stay active all the time. Many people around the world wear one or more of these extraordinary bracelets, believing that they may be helping them with a wide variety of health ailments. At IonLoop, we can’t say whether a wristband will cure your condition or not. However, we can say that we’ve received many testimonials from our loyal customers around the world claiming that these wristbands have been beneficial to them in some way.

What Science Says About a Negative Ion Bracelet

While there have not been any scientific studies on the actual use of a negative ion bracelet, there are plenty of studies on negative ions themselves. Studies have shown that negative ions can influence alpha brain waves, which are associated with a relaxed state of mind and increased creativity. Negative ions may also have the ability to increase your body’s serotonin supply, also known as the “happy hormone”. Other benefits of negative ions may include increased blood oxygen uptake and a reduction in harmful surrounding positive ions. Currently, researchers aren’t quite sure how negative ions exhibit their beneficial effects.

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