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To Ion Loop company: I have to tell you that I have one of your Ion Time Watches and I find it very comfortable to wear. The soft band is easy on my wrist. I use a watch all the time in my business and this watch keeps good time and also looks sharp. I have had people comment on the fact that it is just the right size and not too bulky. The other thing I like about it is the IonLoop feature that keeps me from getting tendinitis in my wrist and elbow. Consequently, I have given my other watches away. Thanks Ion Time people, for keeping me on time without pain!

M. Neal, PGA TOUR Rep

First of all, thank you so much for the IonThins. I have been wearing them everyday since I received them in the mail and absolutely love them! Love the fact that they are sleek enough to not notice them on my wrists during training and practice and I feel like they have helped my joints as well! I am very impressed with the product. And I also golf a lot, so that is where I originally heard of IonLoop. Thanks again!

Tom - U.S.A

I accidentally left my Ionloop at my gym, and it was turned into my trainer. He wore it for 2 days, before I went back to work out with him. He said - "order me one of these today. I can tell I feel better - my wrist doesn't hurt near as much." So I am ordering him one right now! They do work!!

Cherri - Austin TX

My sister purchased an IonLoop Bracelet because she has a neck injury. She wore it for about 1 week and her neck started feeling better. She plays tennis and works on the computer all day. One day her wrist started hurting so she switched it to her other hand and the next day she noticed that her wrist felt better, but then her neck started hurting so she put it back on her other wrist and her neck felt better again. This made me believe in the IONLOOP so I bought one because when I played tennis I always had to wear a knee brace. Now my knee doesn't hurt at all and no knee brace!! So I told a guy at work about it, he runs marathons and has bad ankles now he said his ankles are great! I am a true believer and recommend IONLOOP to everyone!!! And I just bought my mom, dad and other sister a bracelet!!!

Victoria - Orlando, FL

diabetic-testimonial.jpgI found the ion loop when my husband was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at age 44. It was much more his style than a standard medical alert bracelet. It is now 5 years old and I'm ordering him a new one for Christmas just because. His old one is still in great shape but looking a bit worn. He had worn it every day for 5 years.

    • THANK YOU. I am a practicing optometrist in San Jose, CA and am a new believer of the Ion Loop technology. I have seen their bracelets for years, worn by athletes on television, but never thought much about it. That is, not until my brother-in-law, an insightful pharmacist that practices integrative health care, introduced me to it. He suggested that I get the Ion Loop mag/fusion PLUS Thick Pak bracelet and see if it would help my sore left shoulder. I had read the testimonials on the website but still had questions as to whether this really would work for me. As a health care provider, I must admit I was skeptical. As soon as I got my bracelet, I immediately wore it, from morning to bedtime. After 5 days, I am happy to report that my ailing left shoulder is now 90% better. Now, after 2 weeks, my situation has remained stable. As person that is very active, I am overjoyed with the results, to put it mildly. As someone in my 60's, I had mentally accepted the fact that these "getting old issues" were just a part of the normal aging process and that I should just live with it. I know I can't stop the aging process but using the Ion Loop bracelet, I have found a little bit of the fountain of youth. I plan on introducing this technology to my wife and two adult children. Much thanks to Bob Gotfredson and Ion Loop for improving the quality of my life.
Tommy L. Lim, OD
    • The comment I sent to you is 100 % true. Ever since I have been wearing the bracelets, i have not had any knee pain. The orthopedic surgeon had diagnosed me with a fracture of the femoral condyle and a tear of the medial meniscus. His treatment recommendations were steroid injections and ultimately knee surgery. No way was I going to put myself through either one of those. I remember years ago my mother wearing a copper brace for her arthritis. I then started seeing a few golfers, like Rory and several others wearing bracelets. I did a little more reading and finally purchased a few bracelets. Ever since I have worn them, I honestly have never had one minute of knee pain. I have bought a few bracelets for family members and they have helped reduce their knee and back pain. I know people probably think I am crazy, but I don't care.
Thanks again, Jeff Steinberg M.D.
    • I purchased a watch about a month ago. It was worth the $95! I started a 2nd job and began to feel pain in my left wrist. I didn't want to look like Wonder Woman with an Ion Bracelet on left wrist as I already wear one on my right with 2 Ion thins. I felt the difference within a week. I work on the keyboard and ten key 90% of my workday. I believe that without the IonLoop products I wouldn't be able to. I don't leave for work without the bracelet, thins, or watch. They are amazing and truly work. If you are a skeptic and are in pain, purchase one (I started with just the bracelet), and give it a week or so. What do you have to lose? I'm still waiting on the tan or dark brown watches to be offered IonLoop.
Sandra T. - Hayward, CA
    • I must admit that I was skeptical about buying the Licorice Black SOLO Cord Bracelet. But I thought I would give it a try.....and I could return it for a full refund if I was disappointed with the bracelet. After wearing the bracelet for 3 weeks, I couldn’t be happy. The soreness in my wrists have gone away. Based on the benefits I've received, my wife is going to order a bracelet!
Anonymous - Elmhurst, IL
    • I want to thank ion loop for giving me such a comfortable watch. It is easy to wear. I wear it everywhere I go. Everyone likes it and comments as well that its so easy and looks the perfect one for you. Many people asked me to order one for them and I have recently ordered one. So I want to thank ion loop for such providing a watch with such a good material.
Mary C.
    • I received my Ion loop bracelet as a birthday gift from a friend and customer of our pub and grill..and says "I love my Dog"..put it on to be polite and went about my evening. I also have a farm, and a 20 year dog breeding business, and horses. At 57, I am often get pain and swelling in my hands after my chores each day, particularly my left one. I do not think I noticed the first few days how it helped me. I put it on everyday so that my customer would know I wore it. For two days I did not wear it..WOW! I noticed it then! Since then I rarely take it off, and it has helped the pain immensely even after extreme work in the barn. I will never be without one!! I am one that it is definitely not a placebo effect, I didn't even know about Ions or magnets!
R. Sellers
    • I love my ionloop thins! I wear them every time I play and notice a sense of calm when I have them on. I truly feel a difference when I am not wearing them and they have helped me keep focused when I play. Also love that I can mix and match them to match what I am wearing.
L. Keefe - Coppell, TX
    • I received my IONLOOP watch and IonThins; Saturday morning. I usually have items shipped to my parents house since packages are not left at my condo. Dad brought the package and I immediately took off my tattered Phiten bracelet and wore my thins for golf. Long story short, I made my first career hole in one Saturday wearing the green and yellow thins, and the BEARS made an amazing comeback on SNF when I had on my royal and navy thins. Ill be buying a lottery ticket at lunch:) Thanks for such a luck filled, quality product!
Andy G. Arlington Heights, IL
    • Your ION Loops are the best in the market place. I have tried several magnetic bracelets over the years. Yours beats the competition HANDS DOWN !!!
Terry H. - Champaign, IL
    • Great product. The band was a little still for the first couple months then it loosened up, now it's very comfortable.
Ken L. - Lakewood Ranch, FL
    • Product is great, helps a ton. I inquired a few weeks ago about whether or not you will do a design with firefighters in mind similar to military but still have not heard back. Would love to see something like this. thanks!
Mark H. - Eureka, IL
    • I honor and respect my fellow veterans and brothers-in-arms in the Army and Marines. That being said, just how difficult would it be to issue ION Loops honoring the Navy, Air Force and Coast Guard? Gentleman, you need to expand that Armed Forces line. BTW, I don't go a day without my ION loop. Now, get with the program recruit!
Tom H. - Dallas, TX
    • I am a police officer as well as a USAB Master's Division Boxer. Two words for your service and the product itself: KNOCK OUT! Will pass on to the squad at work, in my Military Reserve Unit, and my Boxing Team Members! Semper Fi, OoohhhRaahhh!
Franky R. - Washington, DC
    • I recently bought the ionthin color pack and the pink ribbon ion loop to support my mom, the bravest strongest lady I know. I believe they help with my lower back pain and make me feel fantastic. I wear them always while training at the gym 3x per week and I never golf without them. They are with me at every practice round and every tournament. Thank you IonLoop.
Michael M. - Burbank, CA
    • I'm wearing my 26.2 bracelet right now and love the style of these, and wear mine everyday.
Jeffrey - Shelby Township, MI
    • I wear two skull and cross bones wristbands every day. If I forget them, in a couple of hours my knees are throbbing. You can bet I don't forget them, I just don't take them off any more.
Doug - Georgetown, SC
    • Your products exceed Expectations! I tell all my friends.
Dan - Wilmette, IL
    • I've been a Graphic Designer for 25 years and over time I have caused damage to my mousing (right) arm. Over the last couple years I've spent a fortune on therapists until I ran across the IonLoop website, and decided to order the braided wrist band. The results... well... I have to say WOW! The constant throbbing pain subsided after a week and I can finally have a comfortable nights sleep. Thanks IonLoop, your products are incredible.
Mark - Simcoe, ON, Canada
    • I was introduced to Ionloop last year at the PGA Championship. Before I started wearing my bracelet, I would have aches in my knees and hips when I was on my feet a lot. I have not noticed that since. I really haven't been sick either except for a cold.
Renae - Carmel, IN
    • Aside from the fantastic product, IonLoop is an amazing company. In a time when customer service lacks, they are five star above and beyond in taking care of their customers. Thank you ionloop!
Amy - Prescott, AZ
    • I'm an amateur bodybuilder and an owner of an IonLoop Bracelet that was given to me this past Christmas. I've always been a believer of the technology but now I have proof. When I put the bracelet on back in December 2011 I cannot say I immediately felt any difference but, I continued to wear the IonLoop 24/7. About 3 weeks ago I took the IonLoop off before I went in for a job interview and did not put it back on. Then 2 weeks ago I began having pain in my right shoulder that felt horrible and after 8 years of intense weight training with no pain I immediately feared a rotator cuff injury. A few days after that I began experiencing pain in my right knee. I upped my daily dose of glucosamine/condroitin/msm but with no relief. Then I though of my IonLoop. I went to my dresser and put it right back on the wrist it was on originally. Now 2 days later the pain in my shoulder and knee is completely gone.
Bryan - Frederick, MD
    • I wish to thank Ionloop for such a GREAT product. I have been using the bracelet now for over 3 weeks and I am amazed. I do a lot of fishing and playing golf which takes a lot of energy, especially in the sun. Whatever the technology in the Ionloop has truly provided me with more energy at the end of the day. I HIGHLY recommend this product to everyone who spends time in the outdoors. IT REALLY REALLY WORKS. Thank you.
John - Myrtle Beach, SC
    • Ordered 2/16/12, recieved 2/18/12. Even a tracking number? Great work from a great company. Will order more later. Thanks!
Jack - Anderson, IN
    • This is a very good invention. I have been wearing it for over 1 month. I feel now like I am superman. I am now better in my karate training. I advise all to buy it.
John V. - New York, NY
    • At first, I thought the bracelet was a cool accessory, THEN it actually helped me. I wear the bracelets (2) because they look good too, on the wrist where my hand had joint stiffness and the stiffness dissipated. As a Teaching Professional, having a bad hand is no good, for the past 4 years, I have worn the bracelet AND now the necklace - yes, it looks good and has a purpose - for overall wellbeing. Great things come in small packages!
JT H. - Blue Bell, PA
    • First of all, you really do stand behind your products. I have had a necklace and a bracelet replaced when I reported them broken or stretched out, with no questions asked. I find that I just feel better when I run wearing the necklace and bracelet. Sometimes, I will just not feel great and will realize I forgot to put the necklace on.
KIm M. - Middletown, NY
    • I've bought about a half dozen from you guys. Love the navy color because you can't find it anywhere else. Love the American flag also. Would love to see college sports teams and MLB teams. Thx
Josh W. - Owensboro, KY
    • Yes, these bracelets are a true value. I have purchased about 6 or more so far for myself and family. I even have submitted an idea for the triathletes. I wear mine out on my runs, workout in the gym and riding my bike. Do they truly work, it is all up to the believer. I am a believer of this product.
Jim W. - NJ
    • I got the Love red bracelet from my husband for Valentine's day. I love it, but red doesn't go with everything I wear, especially to work!!!!
Charlene - Plains, PA
    • I love every bracelet I have purchased. The colors are great. The fit is comfortable, and best of all, my elbow does not hurt when I play golf. Customer service the best.
TU Jackie A. - Denver, CO
    • Not a better product out there. I wear mine every minute of every day.
Lou B. - Baltimore, MD
    • Small contemporary look and golf has never been better.
Brian K. - Lake Zurich, IL
    • I wrestled in college and would have to ice my knees after every practice. I then had a job climbing wind turbines multiple times a day. My knees would ache every night until my uncle suggested the Ionloop. My wife said to me after a month of wearing the bracelet, "I have not heard you mention anything about your knees." I am a believer.
Daniel - Broken Bow, NE
    • People noticed the strange band on my right wrist right away and asked me what it represented! I told them it was a negative ion-generating bracelet with magnets. When they asked more, I directed them to the website. Now, one of these people was recently pared up with me on the golf course and he knew my game had a higher handicap than his game. That day, my stamina and balance was far superior to his and he marveled how I had improved so quickly from our last pairing a couple of months earlier. When I told him about 'The Loop' he was in disbelief until he saw golfer Justin Rose wearing one, then he began to believe. The next time I saw him he was wearing an IonLoop that he had purchased from Sun and Sand Sports here in the UAE. Neat!
Scott - Dubai, UAE
    • I am 83 years young and a great believer in IonLoop bracelet. I have been wearing mine for 2 years. I have arthritis in my neck and knee, and have seen a great improvement, especially when playing golf, although it hasn't helped my score too much, I am able to turn without the pain I use to have. I never take it off except when taking a shower, and thank you for such a wonderful product.
Evie - Palm City, FL
    • I have been wearing my IonLoop for about 7 months...constantly, I even wore it to a 'fancy' luncheon. I love it, but have been wondering if my love was all 'in my head' infatuation! One evening last weekend, after gardening, I realized that my bracelet was gone. I got busy with clients the next morning and made a mental note to look for it outside later. Well, half way through the day, I realized that I was uptight, multi-tasking inefficiently, and stressed out. It was an old feeling that I had forgotten! Could it be that the bracelet was working that well? I found IonLoop it in the garden and simply washed it off, but I decided to intentionally leave it off for one more discern more about how it may be working for me. The unsettled feeling continued until a few hours into the day I ended up putting it back on. Now I am more of a true believer than I was! I understand the science and now my own experience makes IonLoop a MUST... it is invaluable.
Susan - Denver, CO
    • I feel naked playing golf or tennis without wearing my 2 IonLoops...
Judy M. - Irving, TX
    • I have some ADD and the Ionloop helps me to focus and complete every task. I am a dialysis nurse and work 11 hours a day. The Ionloop keeps me from going around in circles.
    • Let me tell you, if you are an athlete and like feeling good and in balance, this is the bracelet for you. My husband and I both play lots of golf and tennis...we never take this bracelet off. Plus they look really good in all the different colors!
    • I can't imagine not wearing my IonLoop. I have one in every color. Not only do they look good, I feel so much better. Thanks for such a great product.
Debra - Dallas, TX
    • My loop was damaged whilst abroad and my leg began to ache again. Got a new one as soon as I returned home. What a difference in only 2 days!
Alistair - Doncaster, England
    • I ordered Ionloop because I was told that it would help with motion sickness. I was feeling dizzy at work, something about the lighting at work, I haven't had any dizziness since I started wearing the bracelet.
Reta - Cordova, TN
    • I couldn't continue to play golf if I didn't have my bracelet. I have three and just bought my husband one for nerve pain from shingles. We'll see if it helps. Thank you.
Jackie A. - Denver, CO
    • I originally purchased a bracelet because I was experiencing wrist pain. I felt the difference within the 1st week then it was like I started to feel pain above my wrist to about the mid half of my forearm. I felt like years of working on the ten key, mouse, and keyboard were finally catching up with me. I purchased 3 custom bracelets for family and friends and decided to purchase some ion thins to add to the ion bracelet that I was already wearing. I always wear the ion bracelet with 2 ion thins on my right wrists and just today after 2 months of wearing your product, I realize that I have no pain at all in my wrist and little to no pain in my arm. I am very happy with your products and will be making more purchases in the future. My sister is a hair stylist and she has been complaining of wrist pain. I'm looking at one of your custom bracelets....three skulls with the black band for her and probably some ion thins. Thanks for a product that really works!
Sandra T. - Hayward, CA
    • The IonLoop Braided bracelet offers a stylish and durable alternative to leather. You don't have to worry about fading or breakage as a result of exposure to the elements or a workout. So pick a color or multiple colors and get the advantages of the negative ions and magnets! Don't forget to get the right size!
Guy C. - USA
    • I have not taken them off since they arrived,I could the difference the first 5 minutes Thanks for a great for the great days i have them on.
LAC. - Apollo Beach, FL

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