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Can a Wellness Bracelet Improve Your Wellbeing?

Do wellness bracelets really provide all the benefits they claim to? At IonLoop, we don’t make any unsubstantiated medical claims, so all we can say is what’s based off historical usage, testimonials, and current scientific evidence. But first, let’s look at what exactly constitutes a wellness bracelet. These bracelets are often called many different names such as negative ion wristbands or power bracelets. These wristbands are comprised of either negative ion generating minerals, magnets, or both.

So, Do Wellness Wristbands Work?

Many customers around the world believe their wristbands help them manage certain medical conditions or give them a boost in endurance. In fact, there’s no shortage of glowing testimonials from wearers of these unique bracelets. As far as historical usage, magnetic therapy is a well-known treatment that’s been practiced for thousands of years. Negative ions have also been observed to have beneficial effects on the human body and have been studied by scientists for the last 100 years. Introducing both magnets and negative ions into a portable bracelet is a relatively new idea that’s only been made possible with recent technology. Because of this, there are no scientific studies on the actual usage of these wristbands. However, there are plenty of studies available on negative ions and magnetism and these studies seem to indicate that we could benefit from them both.

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