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IonLoop Technology

IonLoop sports bracelets contain two technologies: magnets and negative ions. Our state of the art technology combines both aspects into a natural, efficient, and stylish way to bring balance to your life. All of our bracelets and accessories are created with great detail and care, leveraging the healing powers of ion and magnetic therapy to bring you the best products on the market.

The world is full of ions, both positive and negative. Positive ions are always being absorbed throughout the day, causing various physical effects on the body. The goal for our product is to give customers a way to combat the daily dose of positive ions through proven methods. Negative ions are known for creating “positive vibes.” Have you ever stood by a waterfall and wondered why you feel at peace? Sure the sheer beauty and awe of a waterfall is part of it, but the physical aspect is that you are being engulfed in a blanket of negative ions.

Our technology takes this naturally occurring phenomenon and leverages the power of magnets to give you a dose of that waterfall on a consistent basis. This technology helps to balance the positive ions you face every day, which may give you a more balanced body, mind, and soul.

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Magnet Polarity North-South Alternating Polarity

Negative Ions in Silicone Ion Regeneration Technology

Negative Ions

Negative Ion therapy has become a hot topic for science in recent years, showing a very promising way to combat various conditions such as quicker recovery from strenuous exercise, acting as an anti-depressant, and fighting fatigue from electronics, hand held devices and computer screens. Any electronic device is radiating mega doses of harmful positive ions.

The "good vibe" negative ions are naturally produced by evaporating water, the ocean, waterfalls, organic materials, and minerals. Negative Ion therapy has been shown to prove beneficial to most individuals living in our modern society.

Without living a life that allows one to work in an open area, get plenty of fresh air, and be naturally exposed to negative ions, our bodies are always fighting positive ion influence. That's why our sports bracelets are designed to help you stay positive while also looking great.

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Negative Ion therapy technology


Magnetic healing has been around for ages. In 1269, Scholar Petrus Peregrinus de Maricourt discovered the polarities of the magnetic field, launching the fascination and study of how the magnetic force impacts and interacts with our world on a daily basis.

So how do magnets work to improve your well-being? Magnets are based on two polarities; Positive and Negative. The world also produces said polarities in fact your body is a magnetic field; exposure to magnet pads, magnetic pillows and magnet bracelets have an almost immediate impact.

Magnets have been attributed to many uses, including detecting metals, telling us which way is "true north", and even hovering a high-speed bullet train. But how do magnets affect our bodies and health? Magnet therapy may help increase blood flow thereby exposing damaged tissue to additional oxygen, which is an important healing element. Please understand that everyone's body chemistry is different so we are not able to make any medical claims but we DO invite you to consider the unsolicited endorsements found on our Testimonial page.

That's why our sports bracelets and other accessories are designed to leverage the natural benefits of magnets and negative ions. Combined with the hip design and high-quality materials, our IonLoop bracelets are perfect for anyone looking to make a fashion statement while keeping their well-being in mind.

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magnet therapy technology

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