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Workout Plans to Improve Your Running

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Workout Plans to Improve Your Running

Workout Plans to Improve Your Running

Runners can benefit by building workout plans into their training programs. Non-running exercise can help prevent injury and improve running speed and stamina. IonLoop suggests yoga, strength training and even additional types of cardio workouts for runners.

Yoga for Runners
The flexibility and strength developed through yoga can help runners prevent injury, run more efficiently and build endurance. When training hard, we recommend you practice relaxing (yin) forms yoga. When taking a break, we recommend more strenuous (yang) forms – even hot yoga, to keep your body used to the heat of running.

  • Relax weary legs: Legs up the wall, bound angle
  • Relief from plantar fasciitis: Downward facing dog, crescent lunge, hero’s pose with toes curled under (this also opens quads)
  • Stretching the IT bands: Reclining big toe pose #3
  • Open hips and legs: Pigeon, triangle, forward fold, head-to-knee pose, pyramid, reclining big toe pose #1, 2 and 3
  • Strengthen core: Plank, side plank, boat

Cardio Workout for Runners
Switching up cardio training can improve your performance and give your body the break it needs to get back to your favorite sport.

  • Interval sprints to improve your run: 30-second bursts of sprints or other intense anaerobic cardio followed by rest
  • Swimming to give the body a break, work upper body and core and continue to strengthen legs: We recommend switching strokes as not to overbuild the front or back body
  • Biking to relieve the body of high-impact stress and continue to strengthen legs: This is a great way to stay outside while training just as intensely. We recommend at least 30 minutes at a time.

Strength Training for Runners
Strength training strengthens both muscles and joints, decreasing the risk of injury and improving running performance.

  • Strengthen your legs with squats and lunges: Use a kettle ball or dumbbell to add resistance to these exercises, holding the weight overhead.
  • Hip extension for hamstring and glute strengthening: Lying on your back, place your feet on a bench or stability ball and raise and lower your hips.
  • Mountain climbers for core and shoulder strength: From high plank position, touch your knee to your upper arm, alternating sides.
  • Deadlifts for back and glute strength: With a barbell in front of your legs, lower your body into a squat. Pick up the weight, coming out of the squat until you are standing upright. Lower back down until the weight is on the floor again.

The IonLoop challenge: Wear your IonLoop magnetic bracelet in conjunction with this updated workout plan for six weeks. Let us know if your performance changes or if any existing injuries improve. Good luck!


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