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Magnetic Bracelets… Strangely Attractive

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IonLoop Magnetic Bracelets… Strangely AttractiveIonLoop’s magnetic bracelets may not pull refrigerators and cars toward your wrists, but these small silicone bracelets with magnets emit the maximum amount of magnetic power available in one power bracelet.

How Do We Deliver the Strongest Magnetic Bracelet?

1. Positioning. IonLoop has specifically positioned the magnetic pole in each power bracelet to offer powerful magnetic energy.

2. Direct skin contact. These magnetic sport bracelets expose the magnets rather than hide them behind colored plastic that may block some of the magnetic power.

3. Visual power. The visible magnets serve as reminder that the power of the magnet is always working, and really, the only thing stronger than the magnets is the mind.

4. Alternate polarity. With careful craftsmanship in the US, IonLoop inserts two magnets in the clear polycarbonate case, with a north-south orientation. This is believed to increase the benefit of magnet therapy.

The Meaning of “Magnetic Energy”

You’ve heard the term, usually in terms of personality, but what exactly is it? Well magnets have been around for centuries and users all over the world believe in the benefit of wearing a magnetic device such as IonLoop.

Magnetic energy is used to do everything from hanging a picture on a refrigerator door to recently being approved by the FDA to treat migraine headaches.

Can magnetic energy positively affect your body?

We need magnetic fields for healthy regeneration, as our cells are made to create electrical and magnetic forces.

The effect these magnets have on different IonLoop users is exhibited by the unsolicited testimonials available on our website. We believe the north-south orientation of the small magnets provides a demonstrable difference in the effectiveness of an IonLoop.

Experience it for yourself with a magnetic sport bracelet and see if you don’t notice a difference. And please, report back to us. We’d love to hear what you have to say!


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