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16 Days of Black Friday Sales at IonLoop

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16 Days of Black Friday Sales at IonLoop

We’ve come a long way since the era of one-day Black Friday sales that pulled shoppers from the comfort of home to frenzied shopping malls. Nowadays, some of the best Black Friday deals can be found online, and they last all the way through Cyber Monday.

IonLoop has outdone itself, offering 16 days of Black Friday deals, starting a few days ago on November 13. Every four days we are offering a different deal, from magnetic bracelets to silicone watches.

Black Friday Sales on IonLoop

IonLoop’s negative ion bracelets make amazing stocking stuffers for people of all ages and backgrounds. A sports bracelet (or two) can benefit most anyone, from the athlete to the health-conscious loved one.

Since deals rotate every few days, we encourage our customers to set a reminder to check back often. The last Black Friday deal, starting on Friday, November 28, will be an absolute blowout. Remember to visit IonLoop that day!

Gift Ideas for Everyone

Custom Wristbands – Give the entire family matching negative ion bracelets. Shop by collection or create originals with different color combinations and statements on them.

Ion Time Sports Watches – Smart watches are all the rage right now, and with IonLoop’s brand, you get the added benefit of negative ion and magnetic technology.

Personalized Bracelets – If your loved ones are passionate about certain hobbies, interests or causes, like running, golf or watching sports, you can show personal touch by giving them a sports bracelet that speaks to them.

Possible Benefits of Negative Ion and Magnetic Bracelets

Negative ion technology is said to be an effective treatment against types of mood disorders, and many people report higher levels of focus and performance when wearing negative ion bracelets.

Magnetic technology may increase activity in blood flow, which may deliver nutrients through the body more efficiently. Many people use magnets to facilitate healing as well.

Whatever the reason you and yours are drawn to silicone wristbands, our Black Friday sales are definitely worth exploring!

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