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3 Tips to Set You Off on the Best Trip Ever this Summer!

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3 Tips to Set You Off on the Best Trip Ever this Summer!

Summer days are here again! In fact, their official arrival begins tomorrow, June 21st -- the first day of summer! This season is consistently a popular time for families to travel. Between school vacation and long-weekend holidays like the Fourth of July, a significant segment of the population excitedly sets off each summer on planes, trains, and automobiles. No matter how or where you intend to travel, IonLoop has the go-to gear to ensure that you embark on the best trip ever!

Here, we offer three quick tips to help ensure your summer sojourn success…

Tip #1 - Be Prepared!

As Benjamin Franklin wisely observed, “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” This is especially true when it comes to summer travel. There are a few things to keep in mind, but perhaps the most important comes down to basic logistics. For example, July is the most popular month for summer travel, with nearly 50% of all vacationers choosing this month for their trips. Potentially, this means traffic jams, congested airports, and just general delays. Be mindful of the mayhem and plan your travel departures and arrivals, accordingly.

If you do get stuck in a jam, make sure you’ve packed supplies to while away the time -- this is crucial if you’re traveling with children. Extra snacks and easy-to-reach entertainment are invaluable when it comes to keeping those kids quietly engaged in anything other than the delay itself.

While we know it’s easy to access electronics as a means of distraction, do pack other alternatives like games, puzzles, and books. Even a game of “I Spy” on your surroundings is preferable to the parade of positive ions emitted by electronics. After all, a big part of getting away is the mental, psychological, and physical boost free time provides. Make the most of it by limiting electronics and seeking stimulation from the outdoors, even en route to your destination. For foolproof protection against positive ions, arm your kids with their favorite colored IonThins bracelet - designed with kids in mind.

Tip #2 - Be Flexible!

To quote Allen Saunders, “Life is what happens to us while we are making other plans.” Listen, the best laid plans go awry, often due to factors outside of our control. But, nothing ruins the fun quicker than feelings of frustration, or worse -- failure. It’s crucial to be flexible when it comes to successful summer travel. Often, this is made easier by squirreling a few funds aside to pay for an unexpected or extra night at a hotel, or pick up the tab for pricier than average snacks or meals at an airport during a flight delay.

Tip #3 - Find the Fun!

No matter what, there is always fun to be had if you know where to look for it. As Garth Brooks said, “Just keep taking chances and having fun.” Of course, once you arrive at your destination, we know you’ll have a blast barreling down the beach, hiking through the woods, or exploring a city you’ve never seen before. Whatever you’re idea of fun, embrace it, and pack your favorite IonLoop products for the ultimate boost to your best trip ever! 

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