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5 Health Tips To Help You Spring into Spring

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5 Health Tips To Help You Spring into Spring

Spring means a lot of things to a lot of people, but more than anything else – it represents a fresh start. The sun’s out, the grass is growing and the flowers are blooming. With that being said, there isn’t a better time to rejuvenate your health and well-being. Here are five tips to help you springboard into spring and shake off those winter cobwebs!

Revisit your resolutions

We all make New Year’s Resolutions and some of us are better at sticking to them than others. In addition to the lack of a definitive strategy or willpower – there is another big reason that most resolutions fall flat.

When you look at the Gregorian calendar, our New Year begins in the heart of winter – a period of time where days are short and the weather is freezing cold. Nature isn’t doing anything, really – other than sleeping. With everything more or less hibernating, who has the energy to make a significant change in their life?

Renewal and pushing power largely manifests itself in the spring, not the winter. Spring is when nature takes all that energy it stored up in the winter and channels it into becoming more active. As life springs anew – so should you! Take a look back at those New Year’s Resolutions and get back on track! Spring is always the best time to start fresh.

Lighten up your food

In the winter, we store energy. In the spring, we should be expending it.

Spring is the time to ditch those heavy, slow-cooked winter meals and replace them with quickly cooked, fresh ingredients. Incorporate more ‘pop up’ veggies like beans, asparagus and onions. Replace those soups and roasts with steamed and stir fried ingredients.

After all – if you’re going to be expending all that energy – you should be fueling your body with the food that will help you do it the best.

Put some spring in your step!

In the spring, you should be getting outside as much as possible. Whether it’s on the golf course, taking a hike, cycling – anything that gets you connected with nature and active is good! Now that the sun is out and the days are longer, you’ll have more opportunities to get fit and have some fun.


We’ve all heard of Spring-cleaning – and as such – there isn’t a better time of year to scale back on the glut of life and live a simpler lifestyle. It’s the perfect time to clean out your closets, declutter your house, brush up your lawn and remove the debris that accumulates over winter.

Not only is de-cluttering your space good for your physical well-being, but for your mental state as well. They say that our outside world is a reflection of our inside world and not having clutter around keeps your mind clear and balanced. Make it a priority to get rid of the things that don’t matter and focus more on things that do.

Become an early bird

Studies have shown that people who wake up earlier in the day are – by in large – healthier than those who snooze late into the morning. Take advantage of the rejuvenating morning light and get yourself a dose of much-needed Vitamin-D to boot. Also – you’ll get a leg up on the things that weigh us down in the winter like depression. Wake up, enjoy the light and plan exciting, busy days!

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