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5 Places You Can Wear Your Solo Cord

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5 Places You Can Wear Your Solo Cord

The sporty  IonLoop Solo Cord bracelet is a popular accessory for athletes seeking to harness the health benefits of negative ion technology. It is common to see them on the wrists of golfers on the green or runners hitting the track, because of their array of potential health benefits, including:

May help fight fatigue 

May help reversing the negative effects of the sun’s UV rays

May help with Seasonal Allergies

However, you don’t have to be participating in an athletic activity to wear the bracelets. IonLoop Solo Cord can benefit you in your everyday life too. Try them:

At Work

Whether you spend your working days in an office or outdoors, wearing an IonLoop Solo Cord may help you keep your energy high. Available in a range of muted solid and patterned tones, the Solo Cord can complement any outfit in an understated way, making it appropriate for wearing with everything from suits to shorts.

In the Garden

While many find working outside in the garden to be a relaxing activity, it can also zap your energy quickly, especially on a hot summer day. Wearing your IonLoop can help to fight fatigue by neutralizing the effects of the sun’s UV rays, allowing you to work longer. It will also reduce the risk of injury to your joints as you pull weeds and plant seeds.

Festival Accessory

IonLoop Solo Cord are a perfect accessory for outdoor festivals. You can mix them in with your stack or wear them solo depending on your style and preference. Either way, they will help to regulate your energy from sun up to sun down. Since negative ions are also believed to shorten recovery times, you can help ensure you’ll be ready to face the real world once the weekend's festivities are at an end.

5 Places You Can Wear Your Solo Cord

In the Yoga Studio

Negative ions can be a great addition to a yoga workout. Wear your Solo Cord to your next yoga class, and you might notice more energy and stamina. In addition to neutralizing the effects of fatigue, it has also been observed that negative ions may provide a sense of calmness and focus, what we all aim for in a yoga class. An added bonus - their lightweight design and neutral tones make them a perfect complement to any yoga outfit.

At the Pool

IonLoop Solo Cords’ sleek design make them an excellent swim accessory. Swimming laps under the UV rays from the hot summer sun can drain you fast. Keep your Solo Cord on during your next swim and see for yourself the difference it can make.

IonLoop  Solo Cord bracelets are more than just a fashion accessory. According to our customers, wearing an IonLoop may increase your energy, motivation and brighten your mood - so whether you’re heading out for an outdoor weekend getaway or going about your daily routine, see what an IonLoop can do for you! 

  • Helps fight fatigue
  • negative ions
  • seasonal allergies

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