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5 Tips for Reducing Stress

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5 Tips for Reducing Stress

Stress is an inevitable, yet manageable part of life. Here are five tips from IonLoop for managing stress positively.


Take five minutes or take an hour. So many of us suffer from technology overload, and even a little time away from the screen and social media can spark a recharge, and begin to nurture a healthy habit. Use this time to focus on a singular activity like a reading a book, getting a breath of fresh air, perfecting your golf stroke, or simply resting your eyes (and mind) for a moment.


Speaking of your mind, just a few minutes of meditation practice per day can alter the brain’s neural pathways, helping to ease anxiety. Sit or stand in a comfortable position. Close your eyes and focus on an intention – a positive word or phrase, a calming image, or simply the counting of your breaths. Distracting thoughts may enter your mind; simply let them come and go without judgment.


This may seem out of whack when there is so much to do - but you actually do deserve it! Taking your mind off of projects or initiatives actually allows you to regroup, and sharing what’s going on may provoke an "aha" moment - and you don't want to miss it! Aim for face-to-face contact or a phone call over social media.

Listen up 

Soothing music or sounds can lower blood pressure, heart rate, and anxiety. SleepMachine is a free app we love (available for iPhone) that produces soothing sounds from places that contain negative ion energy, such as ocean waves, a mountain breeze, or crickets chirping in a meadow. A customized playlist of energetic songs is also a great way to lift spirits!


Sometimes a little movement is all it takes to get blood flowing and boost healthy brain function – which helps us deal with stress and anxiety more effectively. Take a yoga class, go for a run, or swim some laps. Even just a few trips up and down the stairs is enough to create a positive benefit.

In addition these healthy habits, the regular use of magnetic therapy may help you to feel better. The body’s cells create electrical charges and magnetic forces, which the human body requires for healthy regeneration. The constant transmission of beneficial negative ionic energy can be a big help in this busy world. That’s why IonLoop offers a variety of magnetic and negative ion bracelets formulated to offer the maximum benefit possible. Learn more and hear what our customers are saying.

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