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Amazing Health Uses for Coconut Oil

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Amazing Health Uses for Coconut Oil

We’re all trying to live healthier, toxin-free lives, which is why we exercise, eat clean, and work to keep a healthy ion count with our favorite IonThins or Braided Leather Series bracelets.

One fantastic “superfood” we’ve added to our health and lifestyle regimen is coconut oil. You’ve probably heard of coconut oil for moisturizing dry skin, but there are so many more uses for the extracted oil of this tropical fruit.

What’s so great about Coconut Oil?

The oil from coconuts contains a unique combination of fatty acids that can have profound positive effects on health, including fat loss and better brain function, plus a variety of medicinal uses. The lauric acid found in coconut oil can kill bacteria, viruses and fungi, helping to eliminate infections.

Finally, coconut oil is full of saturated fats called medium-chain fatty acids, which are metabolized more efficiently than long-chain fatty acids contained in other foods.

Uses for Coconut Oil

Here are nine uses of coconut oil as a replacement for other household/chemical products you may not have thought about.

Cooking – You may have already made the switch. Coconut oil adds a rich flavor to sauteed vegetables and meats. Consider greasing cookie sheets or baking pans with coconut oil, or use in place of butter.

Lessen scars – Reduce the visibility of scars with a light, daily application of coconut oil.

Lip Balm - Use instead of petroleum based balms to naturally sooth dry lips. Just dab a few drops on lips as needed.

After-sun Treatment - Apply after sunburn to reduce pain and peeling. Most of the discomfort of a sunburn stems from the skin’s drying – coconut oil is super hydrating and contains vitamins your skin loves.

Insect Repellent - Instead of chemical-laden DEET repellent, try coconut oil mixed with lemon, tea tree, or eucalyptus essential oils and applying to skin before heading outside.

Dandruff Relief – Get rid of those flakes with just a tablespoon or two of coconut oil. Massage into roots, leave in for about 20 minutes, and rinse. Repeat weekly if needed.

Acne Treatment - Apply coconut oil to blemishes, and leave on for about 15 minutes to let the oil’s anti-bacterial components go to work. Then rinse with warm water and let your skin air dry (don't apply any other products).

Encourage Hair Growth - You can apply coconut oil topically to any areas where hair is sparse to promote cell growth.

Sinus Relief - To relieve a runny nose or allergies, rub just a bit of coconut oil inside your nostrils.

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