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An IonLoop Stack to Fit your Mood

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An IonLoop Stack to Fit Your Mood

A Negative Ion Bracelet to Fit Your Mood

Colors are beautiful. They enrich the world around us and make it pop. In fact, many of us could not imagine a world without color. Beyond their beauty though, humans have found meaning and symbolism in colors for thousands of years. Hues and shades play an important role in our mood and energy, as can negative ion or magnetized bracelets.

Ion Loop in Every Color, for Every Mood

The human experience with color is studied and used in marketing, politics, and even city planning – why not use the psychology of color to your own competitive advantage? Read on for tips on matching your IonLoop negative ion stack to your desired mood.

Red - Red is perhaps the most powerful and dynamic of all the colors. It triggers opposing energies; it is often associated with love and passion, as well as aggression and danger. Red is a very visible hue (which is why stop signals are red) and can even induce a physical effect, such as raised pulse and heart rate.

If you wish to appear confident, or even intimidating to an opponent, choose a trio of red Ion Thins, packed with negative ion/magnetic power. 

Yellow - The color yellow often has a warming effect, generates cheerfulness, and stimulates muscle energy. Yellow can also induce youthful feelings and may spark feelings of optimism, confidence, self-esteem, extroversion, emotional strength, and friendliness.

Dampen the threat of your red trifecta by mixing in a yellow Ion Thin or two; you just might notice your confidence and energy soar.

Orange - Not surprisingly, orange is a mixture of red’s powerful energy and yellow’s happiness. Orange represents enthusiasm, positivity, success, strength, determination, endurance, and stimulation.

Orange is a hot color to the eye, and can also spur the body to feel warmer. Wearing orange Ion Thins on a cold day could possibly speed up circulation and help out with warm-up time.

IonLoop in Every Color, for Every Mood

Blue - Blue is considered beneficial to both mind and body, although it seems to affect us more mentally than the super-physical red. It slows human metabolism and produces a calming effect. Blue also symbolizes sincerity, intelligence, trust, efficiency, accuracy, and calm.

Wear blue for focus, building trust with teammates, and keeping calm under pressure.

Green – Sitting at the center of the spectrum, green is a color of balance that makes us feel instantly relieved. Among other things, green often represents harmony, balance, refreshment, rest, and restoration.

To come off as nonthreatening, cool, and focused – opt for a stack of green or green and blue ionized bracelets. Green may also be a good fit for recovery mode, or to calm pre-competition nerves.

Purple – This color exudes a different kind of power – a regal one. Most famously associated with royalty, purple also symbolizes wisdom, dignity, independence, creativity, and mystery.

Purple is perfect for a well-known face around the country club, a distinguished player, or trusted confidant (or anyone wanting to appear as such).

Our negative ion bands come in a great selection of colors and are totally customizable, mix & matchable, and stackable, so create a customized set for your mood today!  

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