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A Tribute to IonLoop Colors – Our Original Silicone Bracelet

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A Tribute to IonLoop Colors – Our Original Silicone BraceletMeet our original IonLoop silicone bracelet – the IonLoop Colors collection. From Ruby Red to Purple Haze, these IonLoop sport bracelets combine athletic fashion with top-of-the-line balance bracelet technology.

IonLoop Colors – The Highlights
  • Available in 12 colors
  • Waterproof medical grade silicone band
  • Ion magnetic bracelet with 1,500 gauss epoxy coated magnets
  • Durable poly carbonate encasing holds two small but powerful magnets
  • Bright fashion color wristbands with unique designs
The Technology of IonLoop Silicone Bracelets

The Colors collection contains advanced Ion Regeneration Technology, which allows helpful negative ions to be absorbed into the body.

  • How magnetic therapy works: Evidence suggests that increased blood flow due to magnetic therapy results in increased oxygen and nutrients through the body. Magnets are also thought to facilitate the healing process.
  • Why IonLoop magnets excel: Most of our bracelets, including IonLoop Colors, contain two small, powerful neodymium magnets – and they’re positioned to give the maximum amount of benefit possible.
  • Effects of negative ions: In a nutshell, negative ions are thought to help elevate mood, shorten recovery time, increase athletic performance and more.
  • IonLoop’s approach to negative ions: Using a proprietary process, IonLoop infuses negative ions into its silicone bracelets so that they naturally produce negative ions.

Shop IonLoop today and start sporting your favorite Colors.

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