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Design Your Own Bracelet and IonLoop May Take it Into Production!

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Design Your Own Bracelet and IonLoop May Take it Into Production!

The IonLoop team takes great pride in the inventive nature of our brand. At all times, we spin our wheels to come up with new products, fashion colors, and unique designs. As we keep coming up with new concepts, our loyal customers have supported us and shared great feedback and ideas through our Fan Mail Page, phone calls and Facebook.

As you may know, not too long ago, we launched a Diabetic Medical Alert bracelet which has been a hit amongst new and return customers. What you don’t know is that the idea behind the Diabetic Bracelets didn’t come from the spinning wheels within IonLoop’s headquarters, it came from a loyal customer!

A few months ago, an IonLoop fan called our office and said: “You know… you guys need to come up with diabetes alert bracelet! I’m a diabetic and I love IonLoop bracelets. It would be great if I only had to wear an IonLoop and not one of those clunky, uncomfortable medical alert bracelets made of metal.”

After a short discussion, the whole team agreed that this was a great idea and we went into production! We have noticed a huge interest, not only in the Diabetic bracelets but also on all of the “statement bracelets” in our “What’s Now” collection. Their messages speak to us all and serve as reminders of our goals.

Now, we would like to ask you: What design or statement would you put on an Ionloop bracelet? We’re calling out all of our fans to help us develop a new inspirational design for our “What’s Now” collection. Share your thoughts and ideas with us and you may get your wish! We’ll go through all the ideas shared by our customers and try to use them to develop a new bracelet.

If your idea is chosen to go into production, we’ll send you your very own bracelet statement or design as a thank you for your collaboration. So, waste no time and send us a message! You can do it through Facebook, our Fan Mail Page, or just email us at

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