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Does Magnetic Therapy Work for Pain Relief, Depression and More?

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Does Magnetic Therapy Work for Pain Relief, Depression and More

From celebrity doctors to healthcare institutes, the potential benefits of magnetic therapy are being voiced around the world. Like IonLoop, many healthcare professionals believe in the power of the magnet for pain management, illness prevention, depression relief and more. 

Magnetic Therapy for Migraines
A January study by the UK-based organization NICE (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) has triggered a media frenzy after approving magnet therapy for migraine relief, releasing a study that correlates magnetic therapy with migraine relief.

Additionally, in December 2013, the FDA approved a magnetic device for the treatment of migraines.

Magnetic Therapy for Pain Management
Dr. Oz, a popular TV celebrity doctor, has heralded the benefits of magnets for all kinds of pain management, including back pain. Along with expert guest physician Dr. James Dillard, Dr. Oz has asserted that this type of therapy delivers impulses to areas of pain, resulting in relief and healing.

Magnetic Therapy for Depression
A certain method of magnetic therapy is also approved by the FDA to treat depression. The approved device sends magnetic pulses to the brain. While many claim this technique to be effective, it is also expensive and can only be administered periodically. Magnet-containing products like bracelets, on the other hand, deliver affordable, ongoing magnetic contact.

Straight from the Source
The list of potential benefits and advocating medical professionals goes on and on, but really, the best testament of the power of magnetic therapy comes from those who have received the benefits themselves. Here are a few short quips from our Testimonials page:

  • “I have arthritis in my neck and knee, and have seen a great improvement.
  • I understand the science and now my own experience makes IonLoop a MUST… it is invaluable.
  • The results… well… I have to say WOW! The constant throbbing pain subsided after a week and I can finally have a comfortable night’s sleep.

So… Does Magnet Therapy Work?
All that to say, we really believe they do. Furthermore, we recommend magnetic bracelets particularly for active, health conscious individuals looking for comfort and style.


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