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Environmental Impact of Negative (Hot) Ions

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You have certainly noticed how great you feel when walking in a forest, on the beach, near a waterfall, or just after a summer thunderstorm. In contrast, surely you have noticed how you felt tired after a long session on a computer, or confined to a closed meeting room for hours at a time, or become stressed in a cramped environment, or even when there are too many people sharing the same space and breathing the same air.

We believe that it's all associated with the presence of negative or positive ions in each specific environment. To breakdown all the scientific language and make it very understandable for everyone we have “coined” the term Hot Ions & Cool Ions. Hot Ions will take over and choke off Cool Ions in many urban settings here are examples of what you may find in these 7 very different environments:

Base of a Waterfall…1,000-3,000 Cool Ions
Mountains…1,000-5,000 Cool Ions
On the Beach…500-4,000 Cool Ions
In the Forest…300-5,000 Cool Ions
Modern Office Building…50-100 Cool Ions
Outdoor Urban Environment... 15-75 Cool Ions
Inside a Car in a City…1-10 Cool Ions

Now everyone should understand that these readings may vary depending on testing standards and methods but this will certainly give you a good seat of the pants comparison. The conclusion is obvious; if we all lived in the forest or on a mountain top we would not need the negative ions found in IonLoop. If on the other hand we work in an office in an urban environment in front of a computer we have entered the perfect storm of Hot Ions!

The answer may be an Ionloop Braided Style bracelet! As you wear the silicone bracelet the negative ions or Cool Ions that you need to battle the effect of those Hot Ions are absorbed into your body. For less than $20 you can look good and fight back!

Butch Harmon Bracelet: What’s on His Wrist?

From professional golfer to teacher, Butch Harmon’s led a rich career in golf since the 1960s. Nowadays, he uses his talent to mentor other professional golf players. And when he’s out on the field, you can usually spot him wearing a popular negative ion and magnet wristband. The bracelet on Butch Harmon is one that many popular athletes and sportsman all wear to improve their game. These wristbands emit therapeutic dosages of negative ions, which are said to have beneficial effects on the mind and body. And they’re not just reserved for professional golfers – busy moms, college students, children, and office workers all love wearing their own wristbands. Buy one for yourself at IonLoop today!


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