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Fall Color Trends 2013 + IonLoop Fashion Tips

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Fall Color Trends 2013 + IonLoop Fashion Tips

As Mother Nature changes fall’s color scheme each year, so does Father Fashion, and at IonLoop, we think color trends in 2013 are quite a beautiful showcase.

Fall Color Trends 2013 – Emerald: The Color of the Year
The Pantone color of the year, emerald continues to dominate fall fashion. Accent emerald with other popular hues like red, yellow/green, hot pink and/or brown – or any of the other main 2013 fall colors listed below.

IonLoop tip: An orange Ion Time Sport Watch, which is almost opposite of emerald green on the color wheel, will make any emerald-dominant casual outfit pop.

Fall Color Trends 2013 – Blue: The Color of Loyalty

We love this 2013 fashion trend, as this cool color looks good on most anyone and goes with so many other hues. Plus, because of the fashion trend, dark blue jeans and chambrays are an automatic way to build an outfit fashionably. Pair blue with other on-trend shades like hot pink, gray and yellow/green, as well as the primary 2013 fall colors orange and emerald.

IonLoop tip: Add a navy braided silicone bracelet, a royal blue negative ion wristband or a limited edition blue adidas SPORT band to your ensemble for an instant fashion boost.

Fall Color Trends 2013 – Purple: The Color of Royalty

The Royal Baby is quite popular right now, but not as popular as purple, which has won the hearts of fall fashion lovers everywhere. Purple sings when paired with yellow or yellow/green. Other stunning accent colors are hot pink, emerald and orange.

IonLoop tip: Stack a healthy dose of IonThin silicone bracelets on your wrists in coordinating colors, like purple and pink; purple, yellow and green; or purple, emerald, blue and orange.

Fall Color Trends 2013 – Orange: Vibrant With Life
Orange you glad orange is a 2013 color trend? We are! Orange is a beautiful accent color to deeper shades like purple and blue. It also brings neutral colors to life, so if you’re wearing olive or brown, orange can add quite a flare to your wardrobe.

IonLoop tip: We recommend a Military Series negative ion wristband coupled with two black Ion Thin silicone bracelets and two orange Ion Thin silicone bracelets.

So to recap, these are the hottest colors for fall 2013: emerald, blue, purple, orange, red, olive, yellow/green, hot pink, gray and brown. We hope this guide helps you find the trendy clothes you’re shopping for this season, as well as your favorite IonLoop negative ion wristbands.


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