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Get Up, Get Fit, and Live Longer!

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Get Up, Get Fit, and Live Longer!

We came across some great advice this week on the inside cover of my favorite running shoe catalog…Roadrunner Sports. We were amazed by the information in this article! I mean, we all have a general idea that having an active lifestyle can help us stay healthier, but the numbers are truly impressive.

It is just so easy to add years of active life… you just gotta get up and get fit! For this reason, we thought it would be a great idea to share this valuable info with our IonLoop fans… especially now that Day Light Savings is about to start! We all get some extra sunlight and, hopefully, some extra motivation.

Do you know the best gift (other than an IonLoop bracelet) that you could ever give your friends and family? HEALTH! The easiest way to do that is to take them by the hand and get them to Run, Walk, or simply Move!

The evidence is overwhelming! The more you move, the happier and healthier you’ll be. Need Proof?

Findings compiled from 9 recent studies published in USA Today show that people over 65 who walk vigorously increase their chance of living 10 or more years up to 40%. Recent research shows walking or running 21 minutes a day helps you stay up to 30% younger than those who don’t. WOW! New studies out of Finland and Japan show that cardio exercise keeps your mind sharper as you age.

Get your loved ones off the couch. Get outside and have some fun together, you can do it!

These studies show how easy is it to spend a few minutes each day to add years to our lives. So, stay active and use whatever tools you need to get the energy you need! Take advantage of the longer, warmer days ahead and use the power of negative ions and magnets to get you going!

Take our advice and know that a little exercise will add years to your life.

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