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Get Your Daily Dose of Negative Ions

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Get Your Daily Dose of Negative Ions

Before the summer comes to an end get out and get your Daily Dose of negative ions! Negative ions in nature are found in abundance on beaches, near waterfalls, and in the forest. While the weather is still nice get out and replenish those good natural negative ions because once the winter comes you will have to rely on negative ion air purifiers like those found at Brookstone and of course negative ion sport bracelets and necklaces like those found at IonLoop.

Most of us work in a closed environment such as office buildings, under a constant flow of air conditioning or in the winter hot air. These conditions are perfect to create an environment that is depleted of negative ions and, at the same time, produces high levels of positive ions. On top of that good news sitting in front of a computer all day compounds the daily dose of the harmful positive ions.

Researchers have found that the healthy negative ion concentration is between 1000-2000 negative ions per cubic centimeter of air in nature. On the other hand, it is common to find fewer than 100 negative ions per cubic centimeter in the air we breathe in the workplace. Office buildings are ventilated by air being forced through narrow metal ducts that destroy negative ions and leave only positive ions in their place. Additionally computers and other electrical appliances also produce energy-draining positive ions. The problem is further intensified if the area that you work in has a pollution issue.

So…take a walk in a park or take your shoes off and walk the beach while you still can. Negative ions should be part of you daily health regiment. Get you Daily Dose at IonLoop!


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