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Golf Exercises to Help Me Get in Shape

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Golf Exercises to Help Me Get in Shape

Golf Exercises for Flexibility Improvement

Introducing… yoga for golfers! We found a site containing exercises that will increase flexibility to help you follow through with your golf swing and avoid muscle injury.

Golf Exercises to Build Strength

Chest presses will help you improve your golf swing, but you’ll need to counterbalance that strength with back and shoulder strengthening exercises.

Golf Exercises for the Cardiovascular System

Interval training is the best way to help you get in shape for golf when it comes to cardio, as golf requires short bursts of energy. This Men’s Health article will guide you through an interval training workout.

Back – Strengthen your back by lying face up with your knees bent, lower back raised, arms straight and (if you can) hands clasped. Visit the Yoga Journal to read more.

Obliques – The golf swing definitely requires strength in the obliques, which are often overlooked in ab workouts. This illustration on will show you a twisting exercise.

With golf’s first major – The Master’s Tournament approaching, golf season is in full swing – it’s time to focus on those golf exercises to help you improve your game and get in shape. IonLoop has a few tips for you. Enjoy the season!

Golf Exercises to Strengthen Your Core

The best golf swing comes from the core – a nice, solid twist in the torso. Core exercises involve more than the abs and definitely more than a simple crunch. Here are a few core workouts to add to your golf workout:

Abs – Supported by your toes and elbows or hands, hold your body parallel to the ground for as long as you can. Here is a video we found on how to do a plank.


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