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Healthy Travel Tips from IonLoop

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Healthy Travel Tips from IonLoop

Along with your packing list, you might want to remember these travel tips from IonLoop to keep you feeling your best during and after your trip. We want you to have a fun, productive trip! So please, enjoy these tips – and let us know if you have any questions.

Before the Trip

  • Start healthy. Take vitamins. Get plenty of sleep. Hydrate. Wear your IonLoop negative ion bracelet consecutively beforehand. Since airports and airplanes are a breeding ground for bacteria, you’ll want your immune system to be at its best.

During the Trip

  • Breathe. Take deep, slow breaths to compensate for less oxygen in the air. Sleep is a great way to offer this to your body subconsciously.
  • Stay Active. Get up and walk (or at least stand up) every hour. This will help prevent blood clots and supply a little extra blood, oxygen and nutrients to your muscles and organs. It will also help prevent soreness from inactivity.
  • Wear a magnetic wristband. There’s less available oxygen in an airplane cabin. Magnets are said to increase blood circulation and deliver oxygen to the brain more efficiently.
  • Hydrate. Drink room temperature or warm water and eat light to keep your body light.
  • Avoid sugar. Sugar not only induces fatigue, it also threatens the immune system and leads to inflammation.
  • Avoid alcohol. This goes hand in hand with avoiding sugar. Alcohol also dehydrates the system and can interrupt sleep cycles.

After the Trip

  • Go upside down. Get that blood out of your legs and into your heart and brain. As soon as you get to your lodging destination, lie on the bed or floor with your legs straight up the wall. If you’re really ambitious and experienced, go ahead and do a headstand!
  • Continue drinking water. You’ve spent the past few hours in a plane. It’s time to rehydrate.
  • Shower. It’s said that even the water from a shower is rich in negative ions. So replenish yourself! Plus, you’ll want to wash the travel germs off your body.
  • Stay on schedule. Honor your sleep pattern as much as possible. Try to stay up as late as you normally do, and if you need to sleep in, schedule meetings later in the afternoon.


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