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Hottest Spring 2014 Fashion & Color Trends

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Hottest Spring 2014 Fashion & Color Trends

And the Spring 2014 Color of the Year goes to… Radiant Orchid! Spring 2014 colors are a study in balancing contrast – pastel and bright hues coexisting on a palette together. 

When choosing your IonLoop silicone bracelets, consider the following color pairs:
• Mint green & orange crush
• Pacific blue & navy blue
• Emerald green & hot pink
• Purple haze & pearl white
• Ruby red & mellow yellow

Mix negative ion wristband colors or purchase one color and wear it as a contrasting accessory with your spring outfit.

In addition to spring 2014 color trends, IonLoop brings you the latest fashion trends that are popular for both men and women.

Spring 2014 Fashion Trend: Florals
Yes, florals are also in for men this year. (Before you scoff, remember – there’s a reason so many men have flocked toward Hawaiian shirts.) Women can go “all out” and dress head to toe in floral. Men might consider incorporating florals in just part of the ensemble – think Bermuda shorts and ties. Consider bringing out the color in your floral piece with a matching IonLoop ion bracelet!

Spring 2014 Fashion Trend: Bomber & Crop Jackets
A boxy top is en vogue this season, which translates to multiple trends including bomber jackets. Pair softer jackets with heavier fabrics. Leather jackets with softer materials. Structured jackets with slouchy trousers. Again, the theme here is balance.

Spring 2014 Fashion Trend: Loose-Fit Trousers
Men and women can breathe easily in looser fits this season. Men are free to tailor loosely all over, while women might consider contrasting with a tighter top fit so the figure is flattered.

Spring 2014 Fashion Trend: High Waists
Welcome back to the fashion scene, high-waisted pants. Men and women are hiking up the waistline again and tucking in the fitted shirt. This look translates from board room to the golf course with ease.

Spring 2014 Fashion Trend: Stacked Bracelets
And in case you were wondering, sports bracelets are still trendy. For women, stacked bracelets were seen on the runway for Spring 2014, so stock up on your IonLoop silicone bracelets and stack them high!


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