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How IonLoop Could Improve Travel Health

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How IonLoop Could Improve Travel Health

We continually receive customer testimonials proclaiming how people feel that they recuperate faster while wearing our negative ion producing wristbands. These technological silicone wristbands may very well be the secret to quicker recovery from travel fatigue and more.

While travel is often fun and productive, long hours on the road or in the air can really take it out of you!

Magnetic Wristbands & Circulation

Magnets have been used as a part of Eastern healing techniques for thousands of years, and are thought to improve circulation and deliver nutrients to the body more efficiently. IonLoop’s magnet bracelets could help to offset the poor circulation experienced during hours of sitting.

Negative Ion Wristbands to Counteract Positive Ions

Studies show that heightened exposure to cosmic rays during air travel charges the air with protons. These are positive ions which drain our energy. By wearing a negative ion producing bracelet, you could help your body to offset fatigue caused by the increased positive ions in the atmosphere.

Ionic Sports Bracelets & Jet Lag

Jet lag is known for it’s ability to decrease concentration, deprive us of sleep, and cause headaches. We recommend exercise, a healthy diet, and an IonLoop wristband to help you maintain the overall health of the system for fighting fatigue.

Have you noticed any difference in travel while wearing one or our negative ion producing products? Let us know!


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