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How to Choose a Sports Bracelet

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How to Choose a Sports Bracelet

With so many styles and versions of silicone wristbands on the market, it’s important to understand how to choose a sports bracelet that’s just right for you.

The guidelines below are designed to help you make the best decision possible when it comes to deciding what makes it to checkout.

What’s Your Goal?
Silicone wristbands come in all sizes and with varying technology. Some are purely for looks and image, while others provide both negative ion and/or magnetic technology. Decide whether you’re in it for the possible health benefits or the fashion and go from there!

What’s Your Lifestyle?
Are you an avid athlete who plans to wear your silicone bracelet to improve your game? If so, we recommend a standard size IonLoop sports wristband with both magnetic and negative ion technology. Perhaps you need a “field friendly” bracelet while you compete…in that case consider the IonThins, Black Stripe, or adidas Sport. All contain a mega dose of negative ions.

What’s Your Style?
If you prefer a minimalist look, you’ll like IonThins negative ion bands. These thin colorful bands can be worn by themselves or just add one or two in combination with the Original IonLoop.

What Do You Need To Say?
If you have medical concerns like diabetes that require medical attention from emergency responders, a sport bracelet can serve a dual purpose – to offer the potential benefits of ionic and magnetic technology and to possibly save your life in an emergency.

What Do You Want To Say?
Are you marketing your business? Promoting a cause? IonLoop bracelets actually offer technology; your clients/customers will enjoy wearing them while giving your brand top of mind recognition. These bracelets have also proven to be a great fund raising vehicle for schools, teams, and charitable organizations. Several of IonLoop’s series are cause-themed, like our Military Series and the Pink Ribbon Series. Other sports bracelets are completely customizable.

Whatever IonLoop bracelet you choose, you’ll love the blend of style and technology they offer. 


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