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Negative Ions are Cool at IonLoop!

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Negative Ions are Cool at IonLoop!

We totally believe in benefits of negative ion technology and we are constantly trying to find ways to better explain in layman’s terms why negative ions are so important. The world is made up of positive ions (Hot Ions) and negative ions (Cool Ions). In Nature, Hot Ions (positive ions) come from the sun in the form of UV rays but in our everyday environment these harmful ions are produced by cell phones and computers. We need to expose ourselves to Cool Ions (negative ions) to fight back! So just think Hot & Cold Ions…it’s so simple.

Now in thinking about how we can introduce a little style and fun into the technology story we have recently developed a mantra at Ionloop Cool Loops for Hot Ions! We believe that negative Ion bracelets and necklaces can be interesting in color and design and we prove it with new bracelets every month…Cool Loops for Hot Ions!

If you trace the origins of negative ion mineral bracelets you would obviously start with the original copper bracelet. Not too cool but helpful to many who wore the copper band along with the always present green wrist stripe. You then would move on to the wonderful ‘80s which we refer to as the “bracelet bling age” where bright heavy gold or silver bracelets were combined with magnets. These actually became known as Sport Bracelets…not so much.

Now we transition to the bracelets of today…negative ions, negative ions with magnets, titanium, and others, these truly are Sport Bracelets. We think that within this modern group that Ionloop offers a distinct difference both in technology, comfort, and creativity. Back away from boring Sport Bracelets and come over and see what Cool Loops are all about!

Anxiety Magnetic Bracelets: Do They Help?

Anxiety is a frustration condition with many possible different causes. In general, magnets have a long history of use for conditions involving inflammation and chronic pain. However, holistic doctors have recently been relying on the use of magnetism to treat mental illness including depression and anxiety. While researchers aren’t sure how magnets might help with anxiety, it’s possible that they can influence our own magnetic field in positive ways. If you’re interested in trying out a magnetic wristband for anxiety, IonLoop is considered one of the leading manufacturers of negative ion and magnetic wristbands.


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