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Negative Ions for Your 2013 New Year’s Resolution

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Negative Ions for Your 2013 New Year’s ResolutionJanuary is the ultimate double-edge sword; it sometimes feels like a month-long Monday morning, dragging our core energy that has been worn-out during the holiday break. During the holidays we eat too much, do too little, and feel guilty about it all… On top of that, it’s time to address our New Year’s resolutions which most of us would like to have forgotten.

According to an article in Time magazine, some of the most commonly broken New Year’s resolutions are:

1. Lose weight and get fit
2. Be less stressed
3. Eat healthier and diet
4. Pay off debt and save money
5. Learn Something New

Recognize any items on this list? We sure do! Who hasn’t committed to at least one of these resolutions unsuccessfully? Worry not! Negative ions may help you accomplish at least SOME of these goals. Here’s how negative ions can boost your 2013!

Lose Weight and Get Fit

By far, one of the hardest things for most of us to do… it involves changing your habits and it demands a great deal of determination. Since no one has yet begun to commercialize willpower in a bottle, a little bit of technology may help. Studies have established a link between negative air ionization and the fluctuation of serotonin levels in humans and animals. According to WebMD, serotonin influences brain cells related to mood, sexual desire and function, appetite, and sleep, amongst others.

Negative ion bracelets may help you counteract the energy-draining positive ions ever so present in our urban environment and feel more motivated to get to the gym. Additionally, negative ions may also promote athlete recovery so you can give an extra boost to your workout routine.

Save Money

Where will you find a most affordable solution to your problems? With prices ranging between $14.95 and $22.95 are just right for your health AND your pocket!

Be Less Stressed

If you’re eating right, exercising, and saving money, how can you even find time to be stressed?

Learn Something New

By becoming an IonLoop customer, you can elect to receive weekly updates of our blog where Information is Power! You get the latest updates about ion technology and magnetic therapy – you’ll also be learning new ways to improve your health and lifestyle! You also get updates on new products, and specials!

May the prospects of 2013 bring you hope and excitement for an awesome year to come! Let our statement bracelets be a constant reminder of your goals.

What Is Magnetic Therapy and How Does It Work?

The use of magnetic therapy for pain and inflammation is a treatment procedure often used by alternative health practitioners, but it has been growing in popularity over the years. Recently, the FDA approved the use of magnets in the treatment of major depression. It’s believed that these special magnets may have the potential to balance your body’s own electromagnetic field and correct certain degenerative health conditions. In some cases, patients might also be required to wear special magnetic wristbands throughout the day or they might use an electromagnetic machine.


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