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Negative Ions Sustain Life

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Negative Ions Sustain Life

Nature is all about balance and this balance translates into health for us. When it comes to the negative ion count on the air that we breathe, our environment makes a big difference. According to the "Air Cleaner Singapore" website, "while relatively clean air in open country contains between 1000 to 2000 negative ions/cm3, a typical air-conditioned office has about 150 negative ions/cm3 or lower."

The fact that our modern day environment is surrounded by positive ion producing gadgets like cell phones and computers, it only makes these numbers more alarming. Click here to read the article.

Science 101: What’s a Negative Ion?

Wondering what negative ions are? In very simple terms, an ion is an atom that has gained either a positive or negative charge. Atoms themselves are made up of an equal number of protons, neutrons, and electrons. When the atom loses or gains either a proton or electron, it becomes an ion. Whether it comes a positive or negative ion depends on whether it has more protons or electrons. Ions that are negative are often found in high quantities near areas of nature like oceans, waterfalls, dense forests, and after a heavy rain.

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