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Personalized Nutrition Tips for Healthy Living

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Personalized Nutrition Tips for Healthy Living

Sure, we could all use nutrition tips now and again, but healthy living is a way of life. There’s talk that America is growing healthier, taking these nutrition tips to heart. But we’re not. Unfortunately, we’re still crashing into fad diets, hoping for instant results. (Fortunately, there’s hope and we can all improve!)

Here’s a snapshot into the way we’re actually thinking:

There are a 25 times more Google searches for “ways to lose weight fast” than “healthy ways to lose weight” – that’s more than 350,000 MORE searches for the former than the latter.

Lose Weight Fast – How Fad Diets Work (Hint: They Don’t)
  • HCG Diet: Inject a pregnancy hormone into your body, starve yourself for more than a month, and lose a lot of weight.
  • Acai Berry Diet: Supplement a low calorie diet with acai berries (and lose weight because of the lowered caloric intake).
  • Beverly Hills Diet: Eat a dangerously low (often less than 1,000) number of calories for 30 days while robbing your body of nutrients.
  • Cabbage Soup Diet: Eat homemade cabbage soup and so few calories exercise is not recommended.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar Diet: Consume 1-3 TBSP of apple cider vinegar and lose weight – no matter what you eat!

The above diets can be dangerous and are NOT recommended – the weight loss is generally also short lived. There are innumerable diets designed to help people lose weight fast. What they are not designed to do, however, is help to create a healthy lifestyle.

The good news is that we can turn over a new leaf and become the healthy individuals we dream of being!

Nutrition Advice That Promotes Good Health – There’s an App for That!

The key to good health is maintaining a healthy, sustainable diet, which means something slightly different to everyone.

We have found a great tool to help each individual develop and maintain better nutritional (and physical) habits: Based on your age, weight and physical activity, the tool suggests:

  • Amount of weekly physical activity
  • Food group targets
  • Calorie consumption

It allows users to set goals, track physical activity, food consumption, weight and more. Users can run reports to track overall progress and modify habits as needed. Of course, it’s no replacement for a personal nutritionist, but it’s a far cry more beneficial than the 3-Day Diet.

Join IonLoop on the road to good health, from healthy eating to an active lifestyle to negative ion bracelets!


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