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Reducing Stress in the Workplace with Negative Ions

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Reducing Stress in the Workplace with Negative Ions

When you think about stress in the workplace, there are many things that come to mind – an overly-demanding boss, co-workers that don’t do their job, tight deadlines, etc. Have you ever considered, however, that stress can be literally coming through the walls and air-ducts of your office? There’s some research that suggests that this may also be the case (since the above mentioned stress-generators are well-known and well-established sources of stress).

According to research by Albert P. Kruger and David S. Sobel, the concentration of negative ions in the air and the ratio of positive and negative ions in the environment can affect plants and animals. Negative ions have a positive effect on the human body, while positively ionized molecules demonstrate an adverse effect. Therefore, if we look into to the modern day environment it’s possible to explain how negative ions can help us when it comes to reducing stress in the workplace.

Most of us work in office buildings, under a constant flow of air conditioning and, often times, sitting in front of a computer screen for hours every day. These conditions are perfect to create an environment that is depleted of negative ions and, at the same time, produces high levels of positive ions.

Researchers have found that the healthy negative ion concentration is between 1000-2000 negative ions per cubic centimeter of air in nature. On the other hand, it is common to find fewer than 100 negative ions per cubic centimeter in the air we breathe in the workplace. Office buildings are ventilated by air conditioning that forces air through narrow metal ducts that destroy negative ions and leave only positive ions in their place. Additionally computers and other electrical appliances also produce energy-draining positive ions. The problem is further intensified if the outdoor air is polluted.

There’s increasing evidence that the depletion of negative ions leads to lack of energy, discomfort, and stress. And, combined with the overly-demanding boss, the co-worker that doesn’t do his job, and those tight deadlines, how can you not be stressed at work? There are many things one can do to try reducing stress at the workplace, but we are sure that one of the options is to introduce negative ion therapy into the mix. IonLoop bracelets contain tourmaline, which naturally produces negative ions to counteract the harmful effects of positive ions in the modern day environment as they are absorbed into your body.

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