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The Perfect Gift Delivered by Christmas

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The Perfect Gift Delivered by ChristmasSix days and counting for Christmas and everywhere we go there’s evidence that many people still have last minute Christmas shopping to do. Congested malls, long lines at the post office and the supermarkets are a common sight these days. Facing the overcrowded malls is, of course, the most obvious solution to most who are still wrapping up their Christmas shopping. However, savvy shoppers can avoid the hassle and take advantage of special free shipping offers which allow them to have their last minute gifts delivered by Christmas to their doorstep.

The US Postal service will be delivering packages until Saturday, December 24, which makes things a lot easier for millions of procrastinators and forgetful shoppers across the country. So, for the sake of those who’ve been telling themselves, “I’ll get those last few gifts tomorrow (or the next day…)” for the last 4 weeks, or those who just realized “Shoot! Forgot to get something for Aunt Josie this Christmas!” we have the solution!

Order your Ionloop magnetic sport bracelets by this Wednesday, December 21 by 3 p.m. and you’ll get those last minute gifts delivered by Christmas to your home for free! It’s the perfect stocking stuffer for the whole family! Easy, huh? Of course, with IonLoop, there’s always free shipping, you don’t need to worry about paying for shipping year round but, especially this busy week of the year, we’ll ship your bracelets and pay for any additional costs to ensure that your orders is delivered by Christmas eve!

It’s IonLoop’s gift to all of our loyal customers, as well as the new ones that keep joining us. The IonLoop team wants to make this holiday season a little less hectic for you. So, shop by December 21st at 3 p.m. and save yourself the trouble of yet another trip to the mall. IonLoop gets your gifts delivered by Christmas!

Happy Holidays!






Anxiety Magnetic Bracelets: Do They Work?

It may sound like a pipe dream: a bracelet that can treat anxiety, mental illness, and other conditions. But science seems to indicate that these little wristbands may be more than just a fashion statement. It’s believed that by generating negative ions, these bracelets may have a therapeutic affect by counteracting positive ions. Because negative ions are small enough to be absorbed through the skin and lungs, it’s possible that they could have biological effect on the human body. In fact, some studies have found that while positive ions can reduce serotonin levels, negative ions have the opposite effect. Brain serotonin levels are linked to anxiety so it’s possible that negative ions can be an effective treatment for those suffering from this condition.


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