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The Wild World of IonLoop Sports Bracelets

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The Wild World of IonLoop Sports Bracelets

Sports Bracelets Race Toward Broader Horizons

Saddle up and get ready for yet another sure-to-be-popular IonLoop sport bracelet, the “Cowboy Up” and “Cowgirl Up” model.

Interest from horseback riders inspired these saddle brown, braided western-style bands, branded with either “Cowboy Up” or “Cowgirl Up.” These silicone sports bracelets will offer the same benefits of their sports wristband counterparts.

What Makes Sports Bracelets So Popular?

These magnetic + ion bracelets have taken on a life of their own, as athletes of all sports are drawn to the technology and style packed in each band.

Magnetic Sports Bracelet Technology

These IonLoop sports wristbands offer the reported benefits of magnet therapy, as well as the potential benefits of negative ions.

  • Magnet therapy - Magnets are specifically positioned inside these silicone wristbands to deliver the maximum amount of magnetic power. Evidence shows that magnetic therapy may result in a more efficient flow of oxygen to the bloodstream, which in turn, would deliver nutrients to the body in an effective manner. In this way, magnetic bracelets may improve the healing process.
  • Negative ion benefits - Negative ion bracelets, which contain tourmaline, may help counterbalance and even overcome the side effects of positive ion exposure, such as fatigue and depression. Negative ions are also thought to help athletes recover faster from workouts and injuries – an effect appealing to many athletes.

Sports Bracelet Customization

IonLoop silicone sports bracelets are customizable, which make them useful for corporate branding, event promotions, school fundraising, resort branding and more. Because the messaging options are unlimited and the colors are offered in a wide variety of colors, these sports wristbands are an IonLoop favorite.

Ion Bracelet Style

Sports bracelets are becoming a staple when it comes to athletic style. Seen on the wrists of celebrity golfers and everyday athletes, these silicone wristbands continue to make a fashion statement among active individuals.

Choosing a Sports Bracelet

Making the choice to wear or offer sports bracelets is simple. Choosing is tricky. Before buying, consider the following:

  • Purpose for buying (athletic performance, marketing, etc.)
  • Favorite or team colors
  • Logo colors
  • Favorite sport
  • Message you’d like to communicate

Let us know what you decide, and please offer feedback on the positive effects of your IonLoop sports bracelet!


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